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  1. anodized an archery bow ,,,,,,, things of no relevance ,lol

    orange compound bow was scratched to death ,,,, now its orange wot ya think dudes ??
  2. very high fuel consumption

    I ride a 1994 xl600v. The only mod of relevance is an arrow can fitted by the previous owner. At present i am only getting 120 miles to a tank, which i believe is roughly half what i should be getting. My mechanical ability is basic, only what i've learned gowing up and what i've learned through...
  3. XT6's rant of the week (about MPJ's rant of the week.)

    I'm currently on this motorbike website watching a grossly underheight 125 rider (yes it is short, feisty, underpowered with a stink of petrol) feed her fellow members opinionated twaddle. One rides an XL650 and badly behaved, another rides a repsol XRV. Said 125-rider is feeding both XRVers an...
  4. Sam Manicom - Tortillas to Totems

    Product Reviews
    Tortillas to Totems Tortillas to Totems - Sam Manicom : Order your book here.... I was very proud to be asked by Sam to review his latest book "Tortillas to Totems", as I have done for all of his others. It's taken me a few weeks to do this as I don't read particularly fast and I have a busy...
  5. Is my neutral switch knackered?

    Hello friends! Went to fire up the old girl yesterday and noticed that my green neutral light stays on wheter I'm in gear or not. Does this sound like I need a new neutral switch, or could it be some other type of fault? Recently I had a starting problem and was advised to check the...
  6. Question for RD03 Guru's!!!

    Africa Twin
    OK folks, I am sort of in the process of stripping an RD03 for restoration (although I haven't had a chance to do anything for almost two weeks) but have come across an anomally that I hope some of you heroes might be able to answer (BobA calling Kjell Lyndberg...come in Kjell!!!!!) The frame...
  7. The XRV Cliquey Clicky JULY Photo Competition

    As this is a cliquey board, this competition is only open to everyone with a camera, or who can borrow a camera, that is a member of this site and that is capable of taking a picture. If you do not know that this site exists, or if you have never visited this site, then I'm afraid you cannot...
  8. Confused.

    ................That's what it says in the title.....nothing about bike only chatter. If someone posts something unacceptable, then delete it/censor/edit it.....Remind them of the libel laws etc..... These threads die a natural death through loss of interest, they don't need to be...
  9. Bloody Women!!

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi All, I don't get much time to ride the bike therefore I don't have much of any relevance to say, however I finally got the chance to take the dommie to work today as the weather was fantastic and the ride home was a blast through the lanes. To cut a long story short , I decided to stop off at...
  10. Technical posts which assist all Dominator owners

    Dominator / FMX
    If you have a post which is of technical relevance and will be of value to your fellow Dominator owners, please consider using the "chapter" posts (i.e. Chapter 2 - Lubrication, Chapter 8 - Clutch...etc.,) which covers most of your bikes technical aspects. By doing this you enable us to go right...
  11. What is this?

    Africa Twin
    [/img] Found this in the battery compartment of my recenctly purchased bike. Has a AT relevance :?:
  12. Yikes! No power!

    Africa Twin
    Hiya! Looking for a wee bit of guidance on this one. Twice in the past two week I've gone out to my '99 AT, climbed aboard, inserted the key, pressed the ignition button and pfft! All power shuts down. A total blank. At first I thought I had a bad ignition barrel but if so, why would eveything...