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  1. Austin's Adventures
    Just a placemarker for the second attempt at the Galloway trip for 2013. As far as I know everyone except Mike the Bike is planning on coming on the reloaded event. Please let me know if you cannot now make it otherwise I am assuming you can make it. The campsite is re-booked and they should...
  2. Africa Twin
    Hello all ! It's my first post here. I'm from Belgium, so sorry for my english... I'm a proud owner of a nice XRV 650 and recently I had a problem : - Monday: My africa don't start ( but contact OK : light etc works ) I think my battery is too low. - Tuesday: My battery is reloaded ( +/- 13V)...
  3. Chatter
    So there was i all prepared for the Horizons meet last Thursday. My girlfriend was not feeling well, so i told her to take it easy and we would leave tomorrow (Friday) On Friday we set off, we got as far junction 10 of the M11, i got a rear puncture(Puncture number 1). For those of you that...
1-3 of 4 Results