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  1. tuscany 2011 pics inc on their f/b page

    Chatter reminded me of a goooooood time : ) comments more than welome....
  2. Broken seat lock

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, thought I would go and remind myself what my AT looks like and to take the battery off for. charging. Put the key in, but would not turn, I guess the lock is broken. So my question is does anyone know where I can purchase a replacement seat lock. Thank you.
  3. Why Do You Ride?

    As I am bored of seeing the same Poll each day I log in, I have decided to ask the question, why do you ride? At this time of year with the weather as it is, we might need a little reminding!
  4. Subscribing

    I'm thinking about it and had a look at the subscription link and found out that it was £12, no problem with that However I was confused/unsure about the automatic recurring renewal, in 12 months So if I pay by PP, will another £12 be automatically taken in 12 month's time, without asking me...
  5. Tesco/helmet interface

    Stopped at tesco's for a bit of shopping on the way home as normal. Opened flip-up lid keeping it on, as normal. Except today a security guard felt the need to pull me out of the queue and tell me to remove my helmet. I was about 2 from the cashier so I told him I'd remove it when he went to...
  6. REMINDER...

    The Longest Day
    ...we've just under a month left to run before the "accounts" close on our justgiving page. Now is the time to chase up those last dregs of promised sponsorship left to collect. :thumbright:
  7. Confused.

    ................That's what it says in the title.....nothing about bike only chatter. If someone posts something unacceptable, then delete it/censor/edit it.....Remind them of the libel laws etc..... These threads die a natural death through loss of interest, they don't need to be...
  8. Bikers First Aid Course - Joining Instructions

    First Aiders Please read the below carefully :D I am waiting on payment from 2 people still. Just a polite reminder :rolleyes: Also, Ive had no reply from several PM's to LOIC. Does anyone know the guy or have a contact for him. Im just getting a bit worried as there's been no response from...
  9. New Transalp Review (full article)

    This is an article printed in a mag.. Sshh.. The Transalp has long been a star in Honda's constellation, but will the eagerly awaited incarnation shine as bright? It's been 20 years since the Transalp first hit our shores, and to celebrate it passing that two-decade milestone, Honda has...
  10. AT fork conversion finally started

    Africa Twin
    Operation CR Kayaba fork has started. just to remind you, Im fitting up a 96 CR250 front end to my AT The CR stem is 4mm bigger in diameter than the AT stem Original CR stem Machined down to fit the AT bearings Cutting the threads for the nuts Done and the AT nuts fit...
  11. Oi! Monsieur put yer elmet on sil vou plait

    Reading through some other threads this evening I was reminded of a red mist incident in Calais while proceeding through the Chunnel terminal. Mrs Gromit and I had checked in and were riding our TA and AT in train boarding mode (i.e. gloves in top box, helmet strapped to luggage, passport and...
  12. Sahara Adventure Video?

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Sahara Adventure Hi everyone, there's this automatic reminder that told me that it's quite long ago since I was active here. :sleepy2: So I wondered what I may contribute as a good report and thought about this video four friends and me prepare right now to become a 80min movie. It's the...
  13. Bigger, Stronger, Faster

    Africa Twin
    Than a Suzuki GS125 :D Seeing Chad's feeble efforts reminded me I hadn't put any pics of the road-rage RD03 Africalp up lately. No it's not staying white, that's just the base coat, I think it'll end up AUDI blue like the mudgaurd (then I can push everyone outta the way) :D
  14. Getting colder

    I have noticed over the past week that the weather has definately got a bit more hostile. Yesterday riding home in driving rain and high winds reminded me why I ride all year round. I do need to do some work on twinkletoes to prepare for the winter. Have just changed my tyres for a new set...
  15. isn't this just the coolest thing

    Chatter now remind me again why we need all this special gear?:rolleyes:
  16. Commuting Really Sucks , But Sometimes ...

    Like everyone else here , I suppose, I find the daily trudge into work a pain in the erse, more so, up here in the wet 'n windy west coast of Scotland. When it's dark and the wind blaws and the rain is horizontal, and the ferries are disrupted and I'm standing on some god forsaken slipway...
  17. Tea and bikkies anyone?

    Just went and gave blood and thought I be all sanctimonious and smug and remind people how easy it is these days. Why not give it a go. It takes about an hour from turning up to finishing your cuppa. And you might well save a life or two. It is painless, you do it about three times a year as a...
  18. what'sthe cost

    Past National Meets
    I am sure somewhere in this forum there is something about the cost of this meet. I cant find it. Please remind me.
  19. Danger wide load

    Just a reminder to all those travelling to the National with panniers. They are wider than your handlebars. Had a little reminder this morning. Had to pop to Tesco so thought I'd check out the new head races and brakes. Whipped about a bit on some quiet residential streets, slammed the brakes...
  20. Wake up and concentrate!!!!!

    :rolleyes: Just a reminder guys and girls Was on my work to work this morning and you know how it is.Done the route millions of times already thinking about work and all tha sh.. which is going to happen today. Got this nice big round about on my way and you know how it is ,good view into all...