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  1. Africa Twin
    Hi all, thinking of occasional use of garmin satnav on my twin. What's the best attachment method? looking at the cockpit I am thinking attachment to bars only option. Is it the only way? :thumbup:
  2. For Sale / Wanted
    Renthal Bar pad I have 6 of these, all black in colour. Never used. Inner diameter 12mm, Outer 50mm. 4 are 300mm long, 2 are 260mm long £6 each, posted in the UK PM here/ email via my website or call 07812 NINE 4 1 EIGHT SIX SEVEN Chris
  3. Transalp
    Just wanted to check something out. My bike has had a Renthal bar fitted and would like to fit some heated grips to it but I'm unsure of the diameter, presuming its a standard size what would it be? Cheers
  4. Africa Twin
    Spotted R/W/B RD04? A500 / A50 Stoke on Trent after toy run. Was it you?
  5. Transalp
    hi has anyone used rox risers on a 700 alp want to lift my bars up on my bike and i fancy the rox risers or does anyone know how much you can lift your bars without replacing any of the cables.or can anyone recommend higher bars renthals or the like.cheers tony.
  6. Off Topic Lounge
    Hi all,I am off to Vietnam for a couple of weeks this christmas and was thinking of doing a few days travelling on a rental bike around Da nang. Has anyone been there and done it? Any names of places, experiences etc would be greatfully recieved.Thanksandy
  7. Africa Twin
    In the week some scroats have nicked my Acerbis hand guards, Renthal bar pad and my mirrors. Does anyone have a pair of original RD07a mirrors for sale? Cheers RAW
  8. Africa Twin
    Has anyone fitted standard renthal handle bars? If so what is your experiences, will i need handlebar risers and if so, which ones would you guys recomend. Thanks,
  9. Africa Twin
    Hi everyone, I have an RD04 with slightly twisted handlebars and wondered what was the best replacement bars (to replace as standard) ? I'm assuming something like RENTHALS, but which model and spec. ?........... .......and then where best to get them from ?.................. Many thanks...
  10. Suzuki
    Are Renthal Highs the recommended replacement? And what's the thinking on bark busters? I have been hearing that plastic, with a bit more flexibility, is better than metal. Anybody have a view on that?
  11. Off Topic Lounge
    Hello everybody My bike is almost repaired. I'm only waiting for front and side plastics. The parts which were replaced: - both yokes - fork legs were straight - clocks and clocks frame - handelbars - renthals gold dakar bars - taperd head bearings from wemoto - speado cable from wemoto -...
  12. Triumph
    HI there all. Wondering if anyone can help. Just bought a new 1050 for a road trip planned to Italy and wanting to jazz her up a little. Already put a MIVV can on which sounds good but need to do something with the rear end and bars. Does anyone know of a tail tidy maunfacturer (R&G don't do...
  13. Suzuki
    I have had my 650 V Strom for 3 months and to be honest there are the makings of a truly superb bike here. I have completed the following mods. 1 I replaced the standard handelbars with a set of Renthals standard road/trail bars which are slightly lower and not bent back as much. The...
  14. For Sale / Wanted
    Due to our emigration moving a lot closer than we first thought (after chrimbo:thumb:) we decided to can the Brno jaunt and use the money for renting somewhere in sunny Spain and as a consequence I now have Eurotunnel bookings for two bikes that I can't get a refund for but can apparently amend...
  15. For Sale / Wanted
    Im just not getting on with the bike. Would have suited me a few years back but after a heart attack, a badly mashed right foot which dont help with the starting etc etc its time to go for a softer option. Im sick as a parrot cause theres no way i'll get my money back on it but i guess we all...
  16. XR
    Which Renthal bars are the best replacement for the original XR400 bars? Come on, I`m losing faith with this forum thing!!
  17. Off Topic Lounge
    Why Oh Why did'nt I get blessed with gift of patience :confused::confused:. I have 8 loooooooooooooong days to wait till my new bike is here:(. The TKC's are order, along with a set of Renthal RC high bars.:thumbright: My landranger maps are wearing a little thin with the amount of opening...
  18. Transalp
    Hi all I have just this week swapped my cbf600 (56 plate) for a transalp 55 plate. Oh what a jolly it is to ride, apart from trying to remember i cant see the world at a strange angle on roundabouts any more (trailwing rubber??):confused: My bikes are used every day for work (M4 to london) where...
1-18 of 92 Results