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  1. % $#&*@

    and I just renewed
  2. insurance confusion?

    afternoon a question for any insurance / legal bods on here. ok, on the 18th of this month i renewed my vara insurance with MCE online. filled all the relevant info in (inc my sp30 endorsement i got 2 yrs ago:rolleyes:) up comes my quote of l40 fully comp. fine i think and pay...
  3. Got that warm "I've renewed my subscription feeling"

    Africa Twin
    So when the wife finds out I have "wasted my money" (her words not mine) I will have all bank cards and apendages, including testicles locked away until further notice. Until then, bars open, have a drink!
  4. Sold: Transalp 600

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Doh !! Regretably putting another Transalp up for sale !! Unfortunately its silly having 2 of the same bikes in the garage and one must go. I have Ummm'd and Arrr'd lots over this as I genuinely love these Transalps, but I guess it came down to the fact theres more out there if the mood takes me...
  5. 10 years with my Africa Twin

    Africa Twin
    May be of interest to @ owners - it's 10 years ago today I picked up my new @ from my local Honda dealer, Kent Motorcycles near Canterbury. What are my thoughts on @ ownership over this time? Well, it's been a happy relationship with the bike proving reliable and extremely durable over the...
  6. For Sale: Selling my Africa Twin.

    For Sale / Wanted
    I have the chance of a very nice 955 Tiger so it looks like the AT will have to go.Its an RD07a,1999 bike,MOT till Xmas,tax till Jan 2013,39000 miles.Crashbars,heated grips powered by a switched relay so no leaving them on by mistake,chain oiler,Hel stainless hoses.Seat modified by GA Wells at...
  7. For Sale: XLV 650 V6 Transalp

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    I am selling my beloved Transalp. Bike is a V6 but first registered in Feb 2007.Exceptional condition,Mileage14.5k, MOT currently expired, however I will get this renewed for any purchaser so will effectively have 12 months MOT, tax runs out at the end of the month (Feb)I have both sets of HISS...
  8. Keep trying or go original? Help!

    Hello all, I have posted numerously about my geometry problem but I am at a crossroads in my patience and finances. I am appealing to all supermoto riders who might have experience with the CRF USD front end conversion. If you have a few minutes i would like to ask your advice on the...
  9. Not as good as a centre stand but!!

    Not posted for a while but I plan on getting more involved and have just renewed my subs. :thumbup: Just thought I would share this with you lot. Its not as good as a centre stand but good for lubing/cleaning the chain etc and a lot cheaper!! The one I got is a universal type which I don't...
  10. Sold: FS or PX (for Tranny) BMW 1150 GS Adventure 2003

    For Sale / Wanted
    Used to own a 700 Tranny and looking for another. New job, pay cut and economy of scale mean that I'm now looking to either sell outright or PX my 2003 1150GS Adventure. The basics: 2003 '03' Adventure in silver with 22200 on the clock. All standard includes regular seat, engine bars, system...
  11. Tappe roller steering bearing type?

    Africa Twin
    Whats the correct type? I have them assembeld, but now them need to be renewed. Unfortunately don`t remember dimensions or type and it would be handy to have them already when starting to work on it.
  12. Riding other bikes

    I've just renewed my insurance and the policy contains the following statement You the insured, may also ride any other motorcycle with the owners permission, provided that the motorcycle is not owned, leased or rented to or by you. Cover does not include any damage to or loss of the...
  13. Hello to all at XRV

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    WOW...its been a while but im back, new bike, and all after 12 months off the road and i must say how good the site looks a credit to dave a fantastic job...renewed my sub so hopefully meet a few of you this year and looking forward to being back on the road and on the site...hope everyones...
  14. Any bike cover

    Something else seems to have fallen of my policy when I renewed last year was the ability to ride any bike not owned by me (but insured in it's own right). I'm sure it was there the year before but it seems to have not been added this time round. Pennies here and pennies there. So to echo...
  15. miffed

    just renewed my bike tax,its now 70 quid , this seems a bit exsessive to me considering that 700s have to comply with emmission regs. how come small cars with thousand cc engines get away with paying just 35 quid, it stinks:(:(
  16. Sold: Royal enfield bullet & sidecar

    For Sale / Wanted this is a bit of a long shot, but here goes: Metallic Red 2003 500cc Royal Enfield Bullet 'Sixty-5' with colour-matched period 'Avon' fairing and fully restored 1960s Watsonian-Squire 'Monza' sidecar. Low mileage. 5-speed gearbox gives greater flexibility than 4-speed for sidecar...
  17. Vacuum brake bleeder

    I recently bought a vacuum brake bleeder to make life easier when I renewed my @'s brake hoses. However, when using the bleeder the brake lever remained consistently spongy albeit I wrapped some plumbers tape around the bleed nipple threads (as suggested by the bleeder manufacturer) to preclude...
  18. Renewal

    XRV site support & help
    Thanks Kymmy, I've now renewed my subscription via paypal, it was the terminology that threw me (not an unusual prob!) "sponsorship" and " ordering" were the main stumbling blocks. So, sorry to have been a nuisance and all the best for '11 Keep safe, Robin.
  19. Braided hoses - routing at the front

    Africa Twin
    Guys, I've just put a set of Venhill hoses on the front and renewed the innards of the master cylinder as well - but I'm having some problems routing the pipes now without them catching stuff........ So, anyone out there able to tell me how they routed theirs - mine are in the original clips...
  20. DT 125 won't start

    Hi there, Please be gentle as I am a spanner monkey. Bike:- 2007 Yam DT125R, 4500 miles. History:- previous owner could not start it so under warranty yamaha checked it out and said it was poor compression so they renewed the cylinder and gaskets, piston and rings and crankshaft assembely...