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  1. Africa Twin
    Spotted R/W/B RD04? A500 / A50 Stoke on Trent after toy run. Was it you?
  2. Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Hi, Anyone planning on attending the toy run? Subject to getting reg doc, tax and babysitter amongst other things sorted I intend to go on my @ Stoke on Trent Charity Motorcycle Runs :: Egg run & Toy run :: Star Bikers
  3. Travel
    Hi everybody. I am in search for a good place in Cyprus to rent a bike - Transalp, AT type. There is a couple I found online, but either not the right bike available or crappy old stuff. If there is anybody on here that has rented a bike before and can recommend something, I'd be grateful...
  4. Chatter
    It'll only start a long debate............................ :hitler: I've had much younger men living rent free with me for years....:confused:
  5. Mechanical Advice
    Going on a short tour around the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas soon and have only got a Lidl intercom which is supposed to be pants. Does anyone have and want to lend me their (for a fee of course) autocom or similar for a few weeks? I'd give you something of greater value to hold for security of...
1-5 of 6 Results