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  1. RD03 Exhaust, Repairable?

    Africa Twin
    My exhaust wasn't blowing right so I toke it off to take a look for holes etc, what I found looked to be beyond regular repair. The internal pipe at the start of the muffler has broken free from its self completely. It's hard to describe so I will post a video showing the damage. Externally...
  2. Hi needed possibly right fork leg 1998 africa twin

    Africa Twin
    Hi guys, NOT going to beleive this, bought a af about 3 months ago, now last few days discovered a oil leek, now first thought brake caliper front as oil at the bottom of that. Then checked took the pads out cleaned up NOT caliper, caliper now dry must be fork seal checked that off no forks dry...
  3. Rd04 fuel taps

    Africa Twin
    Hi, Both my fuel taps on my Rd04 don't shut off the fuel when turned off, does anyone know if they are repairable ? Cheers Bob.
  4. Trip master repairs

    Africa Twin
    Ok, so apart from Piet in South Africa, is there anyone I can beg to attempt repairs to my Trip master. I am not savvy with electronics nor soldeing and dont want to stuff everything up if it is repairable as is... And they are like rocking horse poo to get hold of Ill bet! After owning the...
  5. WANTED: Radiator RD07A - RHS

    Africa Twin
    Stopped at the garage to buy some beer and noticed coolant dripping onto the floor. Got home and took bash plate off and have traced the leak to the underside of the radiator. It seems to be bubbling out of the bottom. I will take the rad off and see if it's either corroded through or whether...
  6. Busted fairing

    Africa Twin
    Curses dropped my bike yesterday. Off on a paragliding mission, there were a few yards of concrete on the path, when wet it is covered in slime. Moning at about 10mph the front end went, caught it first time second time Man Down. Fairing is badly damaged, just the top section. Several cracks and...
  7. Wanted: Parts for RD07a

    For Sale / Wanted
    Sadly a couple weeks ago, an elderly lady decided to cut me off which left me in the hospital with an open frakture and pretty messed up foot. It also left my Twin with some damage, yet thankfully repairable. Now being on strict bed rest, I am searching for parts to get her back on the road...
  8. Looking for parts

    Africa Twin
    Sadly a couple weeks ago, an elderly lady decided to cut me off which left me in the hospital with an open frakture and pretty messed up foot. It also left my Twin with some damage, yet thankfully repairable. Now being on strict bed rest, I am searching for parts to get her back on the road...
  9. Xr 125 exhaust

    Hi folks. I'm refurbishing a 2006 xr125 and I'm in need of an exhaust as person I bought it from misplaced it :rolleyes: I have the front section, just the rear I need. I'm don't want to buy an after market exhaust off ebay at £300. Second hand in good/repairable condition would do. Does...
  10. Rugged Roads carbon fibre bashplate

    Africa Twin
    Is this stronger than the original aluminium bashplate? If it breaks does it shatter or split? I'd guess it's not repairable? Smashed the hell out of mine at the Kielder K2 and on the TRF Coast to Coast Big Bore run this week...
  11. Hole in my Silencer

    Africa Twin
    Africa Twin XRV650. Going through my new purchase. Discovered a hole in the silencer just under the main bracket. After investigation (poking the rust off) it is now about the diameter of a bic biro pen. The silencer, when shaken sounds like a maracas and occasional debris drops out the baffle...
  12. More Fuel Tap Help wanted!!

    Africa Twin
    Morning all,My ongoing leaking fuel tap scenario continues! I rang Fowlers motorcycles for a spare diaphragm to fit inside my fuel tap as this is now the only thing it can be. I was told that it is a sealed unit and a new fuel tap at £71 plus vat was my only option!!!Anyone back this up or are...
  13. Blowing Smoke??

    Africa Twin
    Fitted the new Remus Titanium plus a barrow load of other parts & bling, fresh oil & filter, radiator flush and then took my new (to me) AT for re-licensing after buying it as a repairable write-off. Passed no worries. Then went for a quick 300km ride on a mix of suburbia and freeways...
  14. Another Wheel question

    Africa Twin
    Just a quick question lads Is this wheel repairable or worth repairing Bear in mind this will only be a spare fitted with TKC80 for off road only. Cheers Gerry
  15. RD04 rebuild questions

    Africa Twin
    Hi I'm in the middle of rebuilding my 1990 rd04 I need a new rear shock as the old one is unrepairable I'm not sure weather to get a new hagon one or to buy a second hand rd04 one and get it serviced and a fresh spring etc I like the idea of refurbished one to keep the bike original, is the...
  16. keihin carb parts or recon or new ?

    Anyone out there know where to get new bushes for the Keihin CV 34mm carb in my '91 600. I've got a loose throttle shaft and don't know if it's repairable or had it's day. Also, I cannot find a recon or new carb on the net. any advice would be most welcome . Thanks
  17. Broken Carburetor.

    Africa Twin
    Hi everybody, I have a 2000 model A/T that I bought recently and started rebuilding. Is there anyone out there that knows where I might find a front cylinder carburetor. Apparently the carb is un repairable and nobody even wants to touch it. The cost of buying a new set of carbs is ludicrous...
  18. Lower fork leg conundrum.

    I am by no means mechanically or technically vocabulorated so the following may or may not make sense but i'll have a damn good go. My Vara has done almost 80k. She's doing well on it though. BUT.... i've broken something and I can't find a second hand replacement and begrudge paying for a new...
  19. Might be selling some bits - valuations please

    What's it worth?
    Wheels - Standard AT hubs (RD04) with a 3.5" rim (Hagon) on the rear hub and a DRZ400 front rim 1.65" at the nose end. Takes a 140/80/17 rear and a 100/90/21 or 90/90/21 front tyre. The narrower front rim makes no difference to be honest. Stainless spokes as well - I have had them for about 5k...
  20. Hi, I need right and left hand radiators for a 2001 transalp 650

    Hi, I usually write at, and that's where I found this forum. My 2001 Transalp has 2 unrepairable radiators (just rotted away), and I have a friend comming to the UK next week who is willing to bring them here for me, where can i find radiators, preferably used ones, but if those cant...