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  1. RD04 Fuel Level Sensor Repair

    Africa Twin
    Hi All Can anyone advise how i can go about repairing an RD04 fuel level sensor as per the type in the image. Is there a link available to buy the correct thermistor? I have seen the repair videos but seems this type is different?
  2. Thread repairing, sand blasting and a proper mechanic in/around West London

    Recommended Dealers/Service Providers/Campsites
    I'm looking for a shop (or someone) to repair a few threads (snapped bolts), someone who does sandblasting and a proper motorbike mechanic in West London. If you know any of them please let me know, thanks.
  3. how to wheelie?

    hi all. right i know im going to sound a right divvy here but i want to know what im doing wrong? ive tryed and tryed to wheelie my xr125 but i cant do it :( (dont worry im not doing them on road i want to keep my licence lol) can someone help me? ive looked on youtube for tips how to do it but...
  4. I come from Argentina!

    Africa Twin
    Hello friends motorcyclists!, I have 54 years, I live in Argentina to 50 km city of Buenos Aires, and I own a 1991 RD04 Africa Twin. The'm repairing because the previous owner had it pretty sloppy. I send a hug to everyone. :happy9:
  5. Fairing repair and paint - anyone good in/near London?

    Africa Twin
    Exactly what it says on the tin really. Have some panels I need repairing and painting, don't have anywhere to paint at present so hoping someone here can give some recommendations in or around London? Much appreciated
  6. XR500 1983 Cam followers

    Hi everyone, been lurking around on here for a few months enjoying the chat but, what d'ya know, now I need some help, or information if anyone can help. I have a XR500 1983 I think, the engine type with "RFVC" cast on the rocker cover, anyway, the inlet valve cam followers are toast and need...
  7. Repairing the fuelpump on the XRV750

    Africa Twin //Kjell
  8. Repairing CDI units

    Mechanical Advice
    Just stumbled across this link on fleabay and thought I'd post it as knackered CDI units are a recurring posting on these forums: CDI Repair Service XLV600 Transalp XL 600 XL600V on eBay, also Yamaha, Motorcycle Parts, Motorcycle Parts Accessories, Cars, Parts Vehicles (end time 10-Jun-09...
  9. Testing & Repairing the Digital Trip Meter

    Africa Twin
    Just browsing around the forum and found this excellent write up on the @ Wiki. Very detailed, very comprehensive.........superb :p:p
  10. Repairing the Africa Twin Fuel Pump (Adobe Acrobat pdf)- Tho

    Africa Twin
    I did the reparation of the fuel pump like described in the article "Repairing the Africa Twin Fuel Pump (Adobe Acrobat pdf)- Thomas Hedlund" The fuel pump worked fine for 8000km, but when I started to drive in the dunes in Tunisia, the modification stop working. When driving in the dunes, I run...
  11. Repairing plastics (fairing etc...)

    Dominator / FMX
    I may be trying to teach my granny to suck eggs :oops: , but...... Both Araldite and Ceys do an epoxy sausage. Both are about 3 inches long and keep for a long time if wrapped well. It's a dual compound "masse" which is like putty. Rub it between your fingers (wear rubber gloves - it's a bitch...
  12. Changing Tyres / Repairing Punctures

    After the excellent demonstration performed by Pete Kay on FewTrees rear tyre in a Glasgow suburb on the Haggis trip, I have been looking at tyre leavers and methods of breaking the bead on the rear tyre. I could not believe it when The "G" clamp Pete Kay used was actually bent. I did some...