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  1. Transalp cdi replaceable

    Evening all, I have the usual issue with the CDIs on my XL600V (89). I bought it a few months ago and its started having issues; firing on one of the cylinders on start up usually kick the other one in after 1-5 mins . It does it on both the front and rear cylinders so I am assuming that I...
  2. Monoshock bushes?

    Africa Twin
    Morning, The AT has just failed it's MoT due to a rather startling amount of up-down play where the top of the monoshock mounts to the frame. Looking at the parts fiche I can't make out whether there's a replaceable bush in that part of the shock or whether the whole unit is going to need...
  3. @ Front Axle clamp pinch studs

    Africa Twin
    As has been mentioned on here before, the studs in the righthand fork leg lower are not replaceable if you take everything that Honda say as the truth. After I had a new wheel built a few weeks ago I had a brainwave in that it'd be good idea to torque up the axle clamp plate pinch bolts...
  4. Sidi Adventure Boots 10 months on

    Just thought I would share this Ok an update on the Sidi Adventure Boot Got mine from Santa last Xmas. They have been worn daily for commuting and also for the offroad sessions I have done. 10/10 for comfort and ease of putting on and taking off with the buckles. 10/10 for warmth through...
  5. Africa Twin Front Fork axle Pinch Bolt

    Africa Twin
    Hi, the previous owner of my 2003 Africa Twin has over tightned the front fork axle pinch bolts and i can not remove one of the four. The other one on the bottom is also chewed. I need to replace the threaded screws and my local Honda dealer has told me they are not listed as a replaceable part...
  6. Crash-proof bike?

    On Tuesday I locked the front wheel of my Pan and fell off. Only a sore knee, elbow, a replaceable wing cover gone and a mirror so all is well but it got me thinking. If I had been going a bit quicker I could easily have written the bike off and if it had been a new R1200RT it would have cost...
  7. For Sale: Hein Gericke STUNT BOOTS size 44 (9.5)

    For Sale / Wanted
    SOLD ** Hein Gericke STUNT BOOTS size 44 (9.5) NOW SOLD Only Used a couple of times around the House .. I have decided to get another pair I like more. Hein Gericke STUNT BOOTS size 44 (9.5) Hein Gericke (UK) Ltd. An excellent comprimise for riders who don't like to comprimise...
  8. Luggage Pannels

    Hi, I was wondering if the pannels which seem to clip or screw into honda's top box/panniers are removeable/replaceable?? Thanks David
  9. Gutted

    Mechanical Advice
    Im gutted ive just dropped my new Arai tour X helmet on the kitchen floor, it landed on the grill on the mouthpiece and broke it just before i caught it. Does anyone know if this part is buyable and replaceable :(
  10. Ham fisted eeedjit requires help

    Hi all, after taking wheel off to paint fork stanchions i stupidly, no very stupidly sheared not one but 2 of the 4 little studs at the bottom of the leg. Are these replaceable or have i knacked the whole leg. Now for the creme de la stupid creme. On replacing the caliper i broke the top bolt...
  11. New from Aerostitch

  12. Varadero XL1000V Bits and Bobs For Sale

    For Sale / Wanted
    After the Vara being written off the other week I now have a few bits and bobs that I managed to salvage. There will be some other stuff to follow also. THESE ARE PARTS FROM A CARBED VARADERO, UNLESS SPECIFIED I DO NOT KNOW WHETHER THESE DO OR DO NOT FIT THE FI VARADERO. PLEASE DO YOUR OWN...