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  1. Transalp
    Thinking of spoiling the old machine and replacing the 21year old rear shock. The YSS units that Wemoto sell seem to get great reports when fitted to the little CRF250L, so I was thinking of trying one out. Anyone on here tried one on a 600 Alp? I have prices up a Wilbers for it as well -...
  2. Africa Twin
    In the process of replacing front sprocket and wondering if there should be shims behind sprocket so that there is no slack when putting locking plate on? There is some play in and out once it is on. No spline wear and it is snug when moving back and forth. My KLR650 has the same type of setup...
  3. Transalp
    now Avon Gripsters are no longer available I am considering replacing the rear with a Mitas MC24 ( I have them on the TA600) or E-08 (cheaper than MC24 & bit more road orientated). I only use the TA650 on the road or gravel but many local roads are poorly surfaced and often quite muddy. There...
  4. Dominator / FMX
    Help please! I've set myself the task of replacing my rear brake pads but I've fallen at the first hurdle. I can't for the life of me see how to get the pad retaining pin out. I can't see any threads / hex heads like on my other bikes. I can just about see a tiny hole where I guess an r-clip...
  5. Africa Twin
    Hi, I have discovered that one of the above items has a small tear in it, so I intend replacing both. I cannot seem to find a supplier, Honda Part no; 16111-MY1-000 states that it covers up to year 2000, mine is 2001. Any ideas as to suppliers of new genuine replacements? Thanks, Pat.
  6. Dominator / FMX
    Hello i'm planning to replace the piston rings , valve seals and sort the head along with replacing the timing chain set on my dommie. My question is , can all of that be done while the engine is in the frame?? thx
  7. Africa Twin
    Quick question, My starter Relay needs replacing, I'm not close to any motorcycle shops etc. Can I use a car Relay if it looks the same ? Or has anybody any ideas of what can be used ? Thanks :) Traveling The World Two Up on a 1989 Africa Twin 650. Updates Here...
  8. XR
    Hello Has anyone changed their indicators to LED ones and what is the relay that will work properly ie proper 'flash' rate ...I notice it's a 3P on the XR L6 and that there are only 2 pins wired in ones I've seen on ebay? I'm not very clever with electrics,but is this the kind of thing I should...
  9. Dominator / FMX
    Pillion foot peg rubbers on my Dommie are perishing and falling apart, currently held on with cable ties. Despite the fact I NEVER take a pillion, this has been bugging me so I bought new ones from David Silver. Does anyone have experience/ top tips for replacing those? It looks like it...
  10. Africa Twin
    This picture below comes from that thread. Has anyone else been able to remove the old reflector ? My goal is get rid of the old reflectors and glue brand new ones.
  11. Transalp
    At my recent MOT the garage pointed out that the bards on my 1996 alp were bent and needed replacing. I guess renthals are my best option now, but looking at various forums the dakar highs seem to be the consensus, but I cant see them for sale anymore. Which renthal bars currently for sale...
  12. Transalp
    I've just returned from a trip to the Alps and my chain has stretched a lot to the point it now needs replacing. I've kept it in pretty good shape since I got the bike in Feb and think it's the bike's second chain (despite only having 7k on the bike when I got it). I assume the stock chain...
  13. Africa Twin
    Hi all, Will the speedo drive from any XRV750 or TA600/650 fit the XRV650 ? The drive on my XRV650 has stopped working , the drive gear is worn, also the drive is from a unknown bike so replacing the drive gear is not an option. I would like to fit a speedo drive from another AT or TA so...
  14. Africa Twin
    Don't know what it is about the RD07A but every simple maintenance job turns into a frikkin nightmare! Trying to replace my headlight bulbs but the wiring connector won't come away from the 3 pins. Got to what I consider a safe level of brute force trying to pull them off given the bits of...
  15. Dominator / FMX
    Hello, I am new on this forum and looking for info on replacing front forks from my domi by usd cr500/crf450.... Someone who has experience with this? All info welcome since this is my first "re-build" project. Thx!!
  16. Africa Twin
    Forum Members, Hello and happy holidays. A *********** rear shock was installed on my 1991 RD04 AT when I purchased it. I am curious to learn if anyone is aware of *********** or the reputation of their shocks. I assume the company may have been acquired, renamed or closed. There is very...
  17. Africa Twin
    Hello My AT is really in need of the rads replacing. I see replacements are readily available on ebay these days. Has anyone bought a set, or knows of a set been fitted. at a RD07 If so what are they like.
  18. Africa Twin
    Henriette is on the bike-lift to see what is needed... some good and some less so! Both radiators and guards are shot and I'm sure there should be more than one bolt per side. Does anyone have a set they would like to part with? Very relieved to see the drive sprocket has not been welded...
  19. Africa Twin
    Any downside to running an 18" rim over a 17" one? I'm replacing a rear wheel so I have the choice.
  20. Africa Twin
    Hi, Just got myself a RD04 which is restricted by the inlet rubbers. Is there an easy and hard way of replacing them ? Cheers Bob.
1-20 of 111 Results