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  1. can nyone help !!!!

    Africa Twin
    i have had a long battle to get my africa back on the road every twist has a problem ,every turn has a issue but i have never given up. i am now offically stuck . if you read the thread is my bike cursed you will see i now have a crank with brokem gear teerh . i have been advised the only real...
  2. RD07A 2002 Front Cylinder Head

    Africa Twin
    Wanted : RD07A 2002 Front Cylinder Head Hello Everyone, I have found the right bolt on the front rocker cover was stripped . On taking off the rocker cover I found the the right thread had actually parted from top to bottom from the cylinder head case. So my question is...can it be repaired...
  3. Front wheel

    Evening peeps The front wheel on my 1999 600 Ta is showing signs of corrosion and splitting around the spokes :( Does anyone on here know if a front wheel off a 2000-2007 650 Ta would fit ,,,, Any help would be really appreciated as ive no idea :dontknow: Cheers Daz
  4. Replacment Forks

    Dominator / FMX
    Hello, Just trying to remove a broken bolt from the forks and drilled a nice hole straight through into the chamber, so any help finding a replacement part would be a great help, am already looking on fleabay and david silver. cheers nigel.
  5. master cylinder sight glass replacment??

    Mechanical Advice
    does anyone know if there is anybody that can replace the sight glass on a master cylinder,as mine has crazed and gone through. maybe a long shot,but who knows...i was thinking about a firm that recons gauges eg smiths,jeager etc
  6. Indicators replacment covers Transalp 2001

    Hi, First of all thanks so much for all the guys who brainstorm here and share their experiences.It's amazing how everyone can learn from each other.My question is this: I own a 2001 Transalp Silver XL650VY/V1 and i wish to replace the orange cover perspex of all indicators(front and rear)...
  7. replacment chain and sprockts wots the best?????

    Africa Twin
    hi chaps ive got to replace me c and s wot u reakon i was gonna go for a extra heavy triple s x ring chain and some did sprocks my man says theses wil last for for a very long time......... what you reakon chaps xx