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  1. Africa Twin
    Have you seen the Boano RD07 Ivan replica? It's one sexy thing
  2. Africa Twin
    I have been searching for original hanguards but refuse to pay 80 quid plus delivery for two pieces of moulded plastic. Came across actually got them for 1.80 euro, Ill feedback when they arrive
  3. Africa Twin
    Hi all ,i was busy tinkering in the garage when i remomoved the bash plate from my twin just to see whats what really ,anyhow i have started to fabricate a carbon fiber copy form the original i should have it done after my holidays all being good ..Would anyone be interested if i can replicate...
  4. For Sale / Wanted
    is someone intrested in swapping their original RD04 exhaust with my Arrow Paris Dakar replica?sell price 130 £+ shipping,location Italy.
  5. Africa Twin
    XRV650 ignition switch XRV750 I am doing up my 1988 XRV 650 and the steering lock has been 'removed' out of the combined ignition switch/steering lock. The ignition switch still works. Is there a steering lock replacement 'barrel' or do I need a new switch. I have seen replica switches for the...
  6. Africa Twin
    Looking for advice on Boano Marathon Replica Tank (One cap or two?) RD03 Looking for some advice on the Marathon Replica tank that is available for the RD03. It comes in a couple of different versions I believe, and any pros/cons to the one cap version versus the two cap one would be...
  7. Africa Twin
  8. Africa Twin
    Some time ago, I recall seeing replica rear carrier racks on eBay If memory serves me. I did a search recently and cannot find anything. Anyone know of a vendor that has these. I have the plastic panel. I'm looking for the carrier rack itself. Cheers M
  9. Africa Twin
    I'm looking for a bracket for my speedo, gps, etc that works with the stock lamps and fairing. Any ideas? I saw this photo of a marathon replica with something like I'm looking for. Of course, this could be custom.
  10. Dominator / FMX
    I am still trying to figure out which type of exhaust to go with on my project and I found this picture on tinter net. Can anyone recognise what bike the header pipes are off because I am tempted to go this route with dunstall replica megatron pipes or maybe reverse cone or peashooters. Any...
  11. Chatter
    Here's a HPN replica for sale near your old haunt in ze Fatherland, bargain, only 120 euro. :mrgreen: R100GS PD in Bodenheim | eBay
  12. Africa Twin
    Just came across these on eBay. Anyone have any comments on the vendor? I wonder what the quality would be in comparison to Boano...... The photos don't instil confidence from what I can make out, but thought I'd post for comments. honda africa marathon | eBay
  13. For Sale / Wanted
    Something just that little bit different, a set of Marathon class rear panels in heavy duty primed fibreglass for those wishing to give their bike that classic look ( as some have done already on this very site). Asking £195 plus postage at cost.
  14. Africa Twin
    anybody tried these? I think it's the same guy that sells other xrv decals, bad communications/wrong colours etc, just wondering if these were closer/better quality. cheers. KIT ADESIVI DECAL STICKERS HONDA XRV AFRICA TWIN NXR REPLICA PARIS DAKAR ROTHMAN | eBay
  15. BMW
    Brisbane BMW dealer Motorline Motorrad have produced a F800 GS as a tribute to Gaston Rahiers Paris Dakar winning bike. MOTOAUS.COM - BMW F800 GS Gaston Rahier Replica | Dirt News and Features | dirt If I get tired of my blue/white livery, the above could be an option.
  16. Other Honda
    We have just had a superb replica CL250SC silencer made in stainless by Alldens Exhausts - if anyone else wants one, he isn't going to keep the jig forever, so it would be worth getting one made now! Ours is pretty thrappy as we asked for it that way, I'm sure road legal versions would be...
  17. Kawasaki
    ahhh the dulcet tones of a harris pipe nothing like waking up the neighbourhood
  18. Africa Twin
    hi every one im new to the fourm as i have just got my self my first africa twin (rd03650) :toothy10: witch i am currently moding in to a rallye replica so i will be asking loads of advice. and trying my best to help out others will uploads some pics soon, thanks :)
  19. Africa Twin
    I've been after one of the Arrow Paris Dakar replica exhausts for my @ for ages and until recently I was only aware of the "Not for road use" 72039PD version. I was still tempted, very tempted :D Looking on the Arrow website (search for Africa Twin to find it) I see they now do another version...
1-20 of 28 Results