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  1. 1994 Transalp Tacho wont exceed 1500rpm

    New here so hello to all :thumbright: I just bought a 1994 Transalp 600 ,and have been fixing a few age related issues. One issue I still have is that although the bike runs fine the tacho does not go past 1500rpm. I saw posts on other sites (after a google search for tacho issues) where...
  2. legal?

    policy renewal due soon. March 2013, dumbo was stolen...reported to the police & insurance, even though i recovered the bike & paid for damages etc, 2 months later Hastings said that i wouldn't get my 4th year no claims & that i was lucky they were letting me keep my 3years NCB. November 2013...
  3. XT660Z Tenere?

    Hi guys. I'm looking for opinions on the Yamaha XT660Z Tenere. I've got my Land Rover up for sale and once sold I'm thinking of buying one. I've read countless reviews and a few blokes I know own them. One is an 08 plate with 50,000+ miles on the clock and the other is a 13 plate with about...
  4. Paper driving licence to photo licence

    A lady at work is adamant that if you have a paper licence you have until 2015 to change it to a photocard licence. It costs £20 to do that. All I can find is that from sometime in 2015 DVLA wont issue any more paper licences and I think that means that after that date if I reported my paper...
  5. Admiral - more insurance sharp practice?

    Reported on the BBC News website is the fact that some car drivers are seeing an increase in their insurance premiums after attending "speed awareness" courses. This is in spite of certain Councils and Police Forces own websites stating that a driver attending one of these courses will not have...
  6. Sat-Navs can impair driving

    From the BBC Technology web-site - Sat-navs could affect driving ability, say researchers. Worrying quote from the story - "While they could cope with simple instructions, they started to swerve, speed up or fail to notice pedestrians if they had too much information." What was not reported...
  7. They are on their way :)

    Deb and sharrie left at 9am for their little run. One of the spotters reported seeing them 6 min not far of the half way mark. Not bad since they only crossed the start line at 9.10am . Never seen sharrie so nervous,she hardly slept last night. Deb was not to bad only a bit nervous. I will...