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  1. 96' TA600 - knock-knock sound in drive

    Hi folks, So I'm in the middle of an EU roadtrip and have started developing a particular knock-knock, or clunk-clunk, whatever your poison... its a rhythmic double sound followed by a short pause, repeat. Most audible in first to third gears and either goes away above 40mph, or I can't hear...
  2. TA 600 chain wear sticker

    I'm replacing my chain and sprocket and was wondering if any 600 owners still have their chain wear decal on their rear chainstay? I was hoping to reproduce one but need a photo for reference - Google images hasn't helped. Any snaps gratefully received. Thanks G
  3. shortlived ticking/clicking/rattling sound when reving - xl700v

    I'm creating a new post for this, as it seems to be an issue on it's own. It's taken from the thread called "noise" I have narrowed it down a bit more: Ticking/clicking/rattling is somewhat hollow, more like a higher pitched dakadakadakadaka or drrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr It only happens between...
  4. Warning Labels

    I am repainting my Alp and want to reproduce all the warning and information labels on it with a DTP or drawing program and print them onto vinyl. However I can't find copies anywhere. Has anyone got photo's, files? or information? The bike has been stripped of all labels by a previous owner. I...
  5. For Sale: Some NOS Honda XR200/250/350 bits

    For Sale / Wanted I recently finished the restoration on my 1985 XR250RF and decided to reproduce the seat covers and decal sets for the other XRs XLs.It's an on-going project and the main reason for doing so was to make available for other's in need of the bits that are no longer in...
  6. Headphone issue resolved

    Bike Comms & Audio
    Having recently hardwired my Autocom to the @ and fittted the headset inside my lid - I was having serious issues with the supplied earphones :( I have a Shoei XR1000 which is a pretty snug fit (I like it that way) and after about 20 miles the headphones were starting to hurt my ears - not...