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  1. Looking for a reputable mot testing station Great Yarmouth /Norfolk area

    After living overseas for the last seven years, I am returning to the UK in two weeks. When I arrive, I will be in the Great Yarmouth area and will need my bike moting straight away. Can anybody suggest an mot station that are not just looking to fail you for the repair income. I service the...
  2. low vacuum when balancing carbs and bad idle

    Africa Twin
    Exactly as it says on the tin really. Following the rebuild it didn't run well on idle, almost running on one cylinder at times but when you gave it some beans above 3k revs it went for it (or that's how it felt after not riding for a while!) Does this sound like carbs? The mechanic that has...
  3. High Mileage XL700TA, what to look out for?

    Good morning all. I'm after some advise about a high mileage 59 (first registered 2010) transalp. It's an instructor's bike, which explains the high mileage, and has been properly serviced because he is also a reputable dealer. Clutch was done at 60.000, and fork seals, but I'm wondering what...
  4. Where to buy a camera these days?

    I'm looking to buy a Lumix DMC-FS30 (for my wife) and a DMC-FT2 (for me). Can anyone recommend a reputable online shop that is good value for these? They come to about £420 on Amazon, delivered.
  5. First Aid courses?

    Hi all, what with planning a Morocco trip next year:D I think I need to go on a First Aid Coarse that covers things like : splinting broken legs,Arms stemming deep cuts and laserations general first aid , cuncusion , RTA etc Intravenious use for dehydration and vomiting etc, What do the...
  6. Neglector

    Hi all, Sorry but i'm a bit of a neglector when it comes to my alp all I do is check the fluids and fill it with petrol. I do however want to reform. I bought my alp back in Jan with 14,000 on the clock from a reputable(if there is such a thing) dealer who serviced it before collection...
  7. Honda XR 125 L Off Road Tyre Advice

    HI All, I am looking for some help with tyre selection for my XR 125L so I hope you can help me. The bike currently has the stock Pirelli MT60’s on which are absolutely no use on green lanes or mud which is what I purchased the bike for. I have found two possible replacement tyres that may...
  8. Really p***ed off with myself

    As a result of the thread on here about the Roxter heated grips, I bought some and fitted them yesterday. Unfortuntaley and following all the warnings, whilst glueing the grips on I had a misshap and spilled some superglue on my beloved Vara, I saw the spill happen and wiped it immediatley...
  9. Scamtastic!

    PLEASE forgive me if indeed this is a genuine sale, but you know when alarm bells start ringing... :rolleyes: Last week I thought I'd stumbled across a cracking bargain of a 2004 Suzuki DRZ, one owner, FSH, mint condition and only 3,554 miles for the bargain price of just £1,200. Just the job...
  10. DK Spares anyone ???

    Anyone ever dealt with DK spares ...Same people that sell bikes in Stoke I think.....They've offered me an engine. I'm not near enough to give it a poke though...They reputable..?? (We're talking used spares here :thumbup:)
  11. Insurance renewal

    Bennetts have just sent through my insurance renewal, coming in at £248 fully comp. Been on and its come up with Dial direct at £130, never heard of them. Was wondering if anybody else has. Do people just go cheap as pos or do they stay with reputable companies knowing they are...
  12. Thinking of buying XR400

    Hi Folks! First post in this section,as per title,I was looking at a XR400 advertised here in the for sale/wanted section,it's a 98 there any quirks /issues I should be looking for on this year/model,:confused: any hints /tips what to look out for? :withstupid: what about the...
  13. Mysterious Electrical Gremlins FOUND!!

    Africa Twin
    Right ever since my AT clocked 50 000 problem free miles about two weeks ago all of the sudden it started with problems. Great I thought it served me fine now it is knackered :rolleyes: First symptoms was irregular dropping in revs and splutter, cough missing was the order of the day. One...
  14. confused

    Africa Twin
    can any one help because i need a Honda part from Honda they say you cant order these studs cos they got no part number, why not, that confuses me, maybe time for xrv shop find some and put a number on it for the shop and i can order from this more reputable shop. thanks for any...
  15. Lights mainly, but bits in general.....

    The LH headlamp reflector is peeling on my @, apart from the usual suspects such as the main stealer, e-blag and the for-sale/wanted bit on here, are there any other reputable places about to get bits like new headlamp lenses etc? Apologies if its a bit of a bone question, but if it was a...
  16. Pegs for my KLR

    Mechanical Advice
    I'm looking for some off-road pegs for my KLR. Does anybody know a reputable dealer? Telephone or website would be fine. Thanks
  17. Carb Balancing

    Africa Twin
    Hi all Does anyone know of a reputable garage/dealer in the South West who will balance carbs. Unfortunately most of the well known dealers in the area take great pleasure in taking your money, but do not take the same great pleasure in your bike. Also does the choke operation have to be...
  18. Rear wheel bearings

    Africa Twin
    My '02 bike now has 20k miles on it, and the rear wheel bearings are about to give up the ghost. For the last couple of weeks I've had the odd shimey from the rear end whilst cornering, which I had put down to a rear tyre just beyond it's prime. However as I was riding into Belfast last night...