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  1. Africa Twin
    OK, so lot money gone into bike so far. i know reg req is serious problem on all hondas, anyone recomend a mosfet one or good brand aftermarked i can buy while bike being fixed. Also CDI i hear there is issue with these 2
  2. Other Bikes
    Hopefully getting a new toy at the weekend.(not this one) but same model. How do i go about road registering it (it has its no's) and what costs am i looking at. And anyone know what tax / insurance is like. I was looking for an enduro but iv got the AT for green laning and fancy a go...
  3. Africa Twin
    Right then. I've more or less had enough of the erratic behaviour of my front brake. Sometimes its really wooden (more often than not) and lacking in any power, sometimes it does a bit of 'all or nothing' braking, and occasionally its fine. I've decided that the pistons probably need a bit of...
1-3 of 3 Results