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  1. Commuter Bike Needed

    Hello All! Just to introduce myself, my name is Andy, from Scarborough,North Yorkshire, England. I need a bike to commute to work, and want some advice. My commute is a 60 mile round trip per day, and I wantsomething I can use year round, that is reliable, economical and will last for3 UK...
  2. Insurance Cat Resale Value

    Africa Twin
    I had an off last winter on my mint AT and rather than let the local car body shop start messing around with it, as seemed the only option, kept the bike took the insurance money and did it back up to lovely myself. All A1 again and MOT and done 5k since. But what's the consensus on values when...
  3. Varadero v's Vstrom

    Ok, heres the deal, I have an old Africa Twin, which is literally falling to pieces around me, and I have decided to put her out to grass and get a newer bike. I was torn between a 2009 Vstrom (with 1500 mile) and a 2009 Varadero with 13k on the clock, both with a similar price (£5,500) the...
  4. Thinking of buying an Tenere 660 over the next 6 months

    At the moment I have an Africa Twin which I've had for 6 years. I sold back in July my KLR650 which I'd had since brand new (04/2002). Still don't if I did the right thing letting the KLR go. Having owned the KLR for many years - I know the "limitations" of singles & I'm not a speed freak with...
  5. Single exhaust and link pipe

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi All, As above really. A friend of mine has an FMX and he's modified his standard end cans to make the bike a lot louder. It sounds really good, and i now want to put a single exhaust on my SLR. I understand that i will also need a link pipe. [MOD EDIT, advert removed - Non subscribed...
  6. alu cases on givi racks?????

    hi does anyone know if i can mount alu cases onto my givi tubular side racks? i dont want to do anything i cant change back to, so if i can put alu cases on i still want to have the givi quick mouts on intact incase of resale and such.... was thinking maybe the mounting brackets you get with alu...
  7. mileage?

    Africa Twin
    Hi, I'm looking at buying a At, Dave S one infact, and I'm concerned about mileage, I've always looked for the best low mileage bikes I can find, which is quite hard with the AT, as they don't come up very offen. I'm sure if the bikes are looked after the they can all done 1000s of miles, it's...
  8. Advice needed What should i do?????

    Ok guys and girls i need your advice I have a little problem with my wife not liking my @ at all and will not go on ride outs at all. :cry: She says the bike is to small :shock: So i thought about trading it for a vara or a gs.My wife is a little snob,she loves bm's,i used to have a rt bevor...