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  1. Africa Twin Fork Extensions Kits & Rear Lift Kits

    For Sale / Wanted
    Due to demand I have put into production a new batch of riser kits comprising of from fork extensions with valves and rear U bracket. I have received several requests through Facebook etc and am having 10 sets produced. There are at least 5 sets available so if anyone interested to reserve a set...
  2. Probably a very silly question - XL700 reserve tank/switch - fuel questions

    Sorry I have googled but no firm conclusion. XL700 2009 - is there a 'reserve' tank? If yes, where is the switch to chose it? Also do you have to fill it separately or just in the normal hole? Yes...this is my first proper bike :occasion8: p.s roughly how many miles should I get from a full tank?
  3. Transalp 600 smaller fuel tank?

    Hello, I recently bought a 1997 Transalp XL 600 V. Today I ran out of gas after ~280 km (173 mi), so I switched to reserve, and continued riding another 15 km (10 mi) before reaching a gas station. When I stopped, I switched back on to the main fuel tank, and started refueling. I was surprised...
  4. X700 Coolant Level

    How on earth are you meant to check the coolant level in the reserve tank? I can see the upper and lower level marks on the outside but even with shining a strong torch through the tank from behind then I still can't see the level of the coolant inside. You can't even look down through the...
  5. couple of tips, may be of help, newbies & vets

    Africa Twin
    Africa Twin XRV 650 RD03 - Honda AT RD03 fuel reserve sensor. Africa Twin XRV 650 RD03 - AT XRV650 RD03 CDI. Africa Twin XRV 650 RD03 - Fuel Pump Africa Twin XRV 650 RD03 - Spark plugs Africa Twin XRV 650 RD03 - Suspension Upgrading Africa Twin XRV 650 RD03 - Race Tech Emulators 43mm...
  6. 600 fuel tap question

    My bike has no fairing, so I don't know where the tap is for reserve main etc. can anyone tell me?.
  7. Reserve light on transalp 700.

    What does the display show when the bikes on reserve? The lowest ive had the fuel gauge is one segment or block left at 150-160 miles,what does the gaude show after one block or segment left?.cheers.
  8. Newbe question here.

    Hello from Greece. I have just bought a 03 TA and would like to ask you guys if there is a fuel reserve switch like the AT or a reserve light when fuel is low? Also, is there a thread with pics that I can use to adjust the preload?
  9. 89 Trans Alp Woes "need help"

    Transalp Technical Specs
    Why does this 89 Trans Alp run so bad…a new cdi,new plugs and misses badly above 3500rpm.Recently ran completely out of gas (reserve too) NO IT"S not my bike but I said it would ask.Checking manual but can anyone help..any advice would be appreciated!
  10. 3 more ebay 600s

    Honda Transalp. Xl600v. Barn Find.1987 | eBay this one was previously for sale as a complete bike, but didnt meet reserve price: Honda Transalp 600 Breaking For Spares | eBay...
  11. Fuel Tap / fuel cock orientation - AT 1993

    Africa Twin
    My Africa Twin 1993 does not have a petrol tap / fuel cock lever. I am trying to turn out a lever that can be screwed on to the tap spline; however I have no idea at which orientation the On, OFF and RESERVE is. Can anyone help with an image of an existing fuel tap?
  12. Fuel range for dominator

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi there, Riding today did 120 mile round trip and everything was great. Only thing I need to check is if it is about right that I had to go to reserve at around 115 miles from a full tank. It was mainly motorway riding. Mine is a 1995 with the 16l tank. How much should you expect from a...
  13. 600 tank capacity

    My manual says my 87 Transalp has a 18 litre tank, anyone know if this includes the reserve capacity ?
  14. Fuel tap position ??

    Africa Twin
    Can some enlighten me as to the fuel tap positions please. I just ordered a new lever, and have no idea if my fuel tap is currently in the ' on ' or reserve position. Dont want to put the lever on, only to run completely dry somewhere. Cheers. Probably self explanitary, but rather make my life...
  15. Which fuel tap is the reserve ?

    Africa Twin
    Hi peeps, silly question but my africa twin XRV 650 has two fuel taps, one on the left and one on the right side of the fuel tank. Could any of you let me know which tap is the reserve and which is the main ? I believe that the tank is the same as the RD04 750 Thanks Wesley
  16. eBay: Tatty Africa @ Bransons Gloucester

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    as the title says 2001 66K miles link HONDA XRV750 AFRICA TWIN NEEDS ATTENTION NO RESERVE | eBay have not seen it ANOTHER AFRICA- RD04 in Gloucestershire 1993 52K miles
  17. Fuel range on reserve.

    Africa Twin
    Once the bike has gone onto reserve approximately what range is there available. I am guessing about 50 miles, same as on my Pan European. This is the kind of figure it is nice to have an idea of without finding out in real life.
  18. Wanted: 2x fuel tank senders for RD04

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hello all So ive just bought my first @t and the senders for the reserve lights on the tank are bust.....does anybody have some working ones that wont set me back the earth? thanks mark
  19. For Sale: Honda XL 600 LMF on Ebay Low mileage excellent condition

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Hi everyone , i have previously listed bike on ebay it had 2020 views with approx 160 watchers bidding went to £2020 reserve was £2100 , its now on ebay again with low reserve . Would someone kindly post a link to it as i cant work it out ,its reg number D108VKK bike in glasgow , any questions...
  20. Pesky fuel tap!

    Africa Twin
    So the day started badly with the sound of heavy rain on the conservatory as I wheeled the bike out. Then, within 600 yds of home the bike spluttered and stopped. I knew I was low on fuel so switched to reserve, only to end up with the fuel tap in my hand. Dark, wet and with no idea how it...