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  1. Brake reservoir hoses

    Dominator / FMX
    Does anyone know the size of hose used on the front and rear brake reservoirs. I need to replace hose that's between reservoir and master cylinder. (front and rear brakes). Would measure it, but want to get some ordered asap. Bike is an RD08
  2. Brake reservoir covers.

    Dominator / FMX
    Can anyone tell me of any other Honda models that take the same reservoir cover as the NX650? Mine are looking rough and I would like to replace them. Thanks
  3. Fitting race lines - HEL ONES - how do I back bleed?

    Africa Twin
    Need to fit new Hel lines. Read a few reviews on here where people have had some problems fitting them, so wondered what is the easiest option to fit these? If I reverse bleed do I fill one line up to the reservoir then move on to the other one...then what?
  4. Clutch fluid reservoir location

    I have recently changed my brake pads, and fluid in all the lines and was wandering can someone point me in the direction of clutch fluid reservoir so I can change that as well. Many thanks Queasy P.S. It's honda transalp xl 650 V4
  5. oil return pipe

    Dominator / FMX
    can anyone tell me if an RD02 oil return line, the one that goes into the frame reservoir, is the same as an RD08? thanks, mark
  6. Large IMS tank for sale

    CRF - New Forum!
    Hi, I have a new, unused large capacity IMS tank (white) suitable for a CRF, ideal for enduro or rally raid. Open to reasonable offers. Located in Bordeaux, France but can be shipped.
  7. of interest?

    Africa Twin
    Reservoir moto 750 Africa twin Equipement Moto Puy-de-Dôme -
  8. Rear shock adjustments

    Africa Twin
    Is there any adjustments that can be made on the rear shock on my RD07a,i don't need to make any at the moment but may do when I carry a pillion.I can't see any adjuster on the reservoir cylinder only the lockrings on the main spring on the shock itself,am I missing something? :confused:
  9. RD03 fuel tank

    Africa Twin
    Is this an OEM tank? It looks a bit bigger no? Réservoir Honda 650 Africa Twin RD03 | eBay
  10. fuse box

    Africa Twin
    I'm trying to unclip the fuse box that's next to the coolant reservoir so i can see the wiring to the clock fuse, i can't see or feel how its attached to the bracket. Can anyone remember how to unclip it. Its an RD07A Thanks Eamonn.
  11. xr125l brake reservoir not opening

    HI all i was just wanting help i need to top up my brake fluid on a xr125 that ive just bought and it seems that when i try to un screw the reservoir screws that they look like they are going to round off? is there a way of getting them out so i can top the fluid up and put new screws in without...
  12. Scottoiler installation

    I got my hands on a second hand touring scottoiler, i have managed to attach the reservoir behind the number plate but looking for some advice/ pictures on attaching the vacuum and oil tube. Due you have any pictures that would give me inspiration on how to run them on mighty Vara? Appreciated...
  13. Quick question. where does this pipe go?

    Never mind. Plz delete thread. found a bit of pipe I was missing which solved my dilemma
  14. Brake reservoir screws?

    Hi all, yeh me again:o does anyone know the size of the [2] countersunk screws that fit the front brake reservoir lid, mine are looking chewed up so before **** hits the fan. gonna get [2] stainless countersunk allenkey bolts but no idea how to measure the original screws, yeh I`m a...
  15. Rear brake fluid reservoir screw stuck

    As a few of you know I had the fun of cleaning my rear brake calliper and changing the pads. All which worked to solve the sticking issue except I noticed I can only remove one screw out of the fluid reservoir since the other one just turn but wont undo so in theory if I had a fluid leak on the...
  16. Dismantled rear brake reservoir

    Africa Twin
    Couldn't find anything on this subject....The screws on the rear brake fluid reservoir wouldn't budge, and the screwdriver began chewing the heads. I had to take the whole reservoir off that was the lot...empty :mad: Changed the screws but ain't got a clue how to get the fluid through the...
  17. How to clean the coolant reservoir bottle ?

    Africa Twin
    Anyone got any good tips on cleaning the reservoir bottle :?: Mines a bit dirty inside and would like to give it a really good clean Caustic soda :?: Vinegar :?: or something else :?:
  18. Where is the Scottoiler reservoir placed in your 650?

    Cause mine is in what must be a crappy place since it´s behind the right side panel, right above the exhaust heatshield, so yesterday it must have gotten so hot it emptied a whole reservoir in a 200 mile ride, in warm/hot weather. Do you guys think it´ll make a difference placing it inside the...