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  1. Transalp
    I seem to be jinxed on this forum Suddenly I can't login (under "ds99") I tried resetting password - it says "email address not recognised" So I try and old email address, and weirdly, that works. I get an email saying: You have requested to reset your password on Honda Trail Bike Forums...
  2. Transalp
    Hi there! I recently bought my first motorcyle, a 2008 transalp 700 and everytime I turn the ignition off the trip meter resets to 0. Trip , trip A and trip B they al reset. Don't know if it's normal or not. Any solutions for it? Also a noob question: how far up in the tank ca I topup with gas...
  3. Africa Twin
    I was emailed a new password due to a 'security breach'. I logged in successfully with it. I changed it to something sensible. A few days later and now my password appears to have been reset to what it originally was (i.e. before the 'security breach'). Just for anyone else who's having problems.
  4. Transalp Technical Specs
    Had my first long ride on my 650 today. .. 200 mile round trip from South Wales to Aberystwyth to visit my son in Uni and back... filled the tank to the brim and reset my trip meter, kept an eye on the fuel gauge and was just touching the red when I got back to my front door... 201 miles.... and...
  5. Africa Twin
    I have a 1998 XRV Africa twin. My problem is that the clock needs resetting every time I switch the ignition off. Any solutions.
  6. Varadero
    The clock set button on my XL1000va-5 has 'stuck in' and I am unable to reset the time. Does anybody know if and how it can be repaired?
  7. XR
    Does anybody know how to reset the digital speedo on a xr 250 (2001) from kph to mph the bike is an import I've had a look on other threads on different bikes on here but none seem to work
  8. Africa Twin
    Mine des a while back and came back to life and all was fine and dandy. The last few days it has tken to resetting itself after an overnight stand. Once reset in the morning it works fine. Has anybody got a clue what might be wrong? is there a battery inside that might be on its way out?
  9. Varadero
    Hi, Quite new to the Varo so just a precaution. Could I charge the battery on the bike all connected or should I disconnect it (using Ctek charger). Does removing the battery lead to resetting any electronic stuff that needs to be adjusted afterwards or similar issue ? Probably basic questions...
  10. Africa Twin
    Hi, Can anyone help me reset my trip meter on my RD07a, it's showing 000 000 000. Cheers RAW85
  11. Africa Twin
    Can anybody throw some light on this for me, as I've never had an AT with a Tripmaster before. I turn the ignition on, the Tripmaster screen lights up OK, but there's nothing on the LCD panel. I've pushed reset; I've held reset; but I get nothing. I bought this Tripmaster but it hasn't been...
  12. Off Topic Lounge
    Well done, Olympics were fantastic!:thumbleft: Now....if you don't mind...if you could stop patting each other on the back...... Any chance of resetting the effing traffic lights to their pre-Olympic phasing???!!!!!!!!! :mad::mad: For F**k Snakes !!!!!:mad:
  13. Africa Twin
    Hi all I have some quistions,ill hope you guys can help me with . all about the RD04 from 1992 1. Does the bike not have a reserve tank ? what do you guys do then- tjek miles/ km or just look in the tank ? 2. My trip master WAS dead- i fixed it and it all worked, but then yesterday i wont o...
  14. Mechanical Advice
    Although the Honda mechanics agrees with me that my 05 Fi Varadero is running a bit rich, he said there is no way he can reset the ECU. He can put it on diagnostic but that's just telling the current state of the bike. Can I reset the ECU myself?
1-15 of 21 Results