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  1. Africa Twin
    I have a 1998 XRV Africa twin. My problem is that the clock needs resetting every time I switch the ignition off. Any solutions.
  2. Off Topic Lounge
    Well done, Olympics were fantastic!:thumbleft: Now....if you don't mind...if you could stop patting each other on the back...... Any chance of resetting the effing traffic lights to their pre-Olympic phasing???!!!!!!!!! :mad::mad: For F**k Snakes !!!!!:mad:
  3. Africa Twin
    When testing the bike it became overheated and the Cooling Fan did not turn on. So I checked the fuse .. Hmm, Looks Ok. So I removed the tank and the Fan, hooked it on 12 V and it turned. I measured the connector comming from the bike, no 12 V?!?! :confused: Let's check the fuse again, Looks ok...
1-3 of 3 Results