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  1. Ride Reports and Pictures
    Last night after we had made sure Twinkletoes was Ok after the little fall we decided to take a trip on the bikes today. Mini Mabel had already planned a visit to her grandmothers which meant we could take all day. Unfortunately when we came to pack the bikes this morning we found we had a...
  2. Varadero
    my vara has a scotoiler fitted with a touring resevoir, having now filled it up, it does not seem to be working! any help / info on priming and or troubleshooting.... Thanks marcus.
  3. Africa Twin
    Looks like my brake line saga may not be over :cry: The new lines have clear plastic shrink wrap covers. Just below the splitter, one of the lines looks cloudy - something has discoloured the plastic cover (or possibly there's something inside it). Brake fluid leak? The lever seems...
  4. Transalp
    Having just got back from 2,500 miles in France and Spain the one thing that really played it's part in the journey was the Scottoiler. I bought the touring version that has a resevoir behind the number plate, and it was only down by half when I got home. Basically you can forget about the...
  5. Africa Twin
    Hello All, Having bought a half transalp / half africa twin project thingy as a box of bits (or rather many boxes of bits), it's dawned on me that winter is nearly past & I need to get this rather late winter project on the go. I've managed to strip & rebuild a few bikes in the past, but I've...
  6. Africa Twin
    Just purchashed a K reg imported @ with 31 thou kilometers on clock & dodgy Honda Castrol PD paint scheme. Been used as a farm bike by previous owner, so the plastics have taken a beating. My questions to those in the know are these: 1. How easy is it to get 2nd hand panels or after market...
1-6 of 6 Results