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  1. XL Technical Specs
    Having trouble with a weak spark on my Honda XL250R. We think the source coil is at fault but on test it gives 76 Ohms resistance. The correct resistance is unclear as the manual we have says reading should be in the range 200 to 500 Ohms. However later it says that for post 1981 the reading the...
  2. Africa Twin
    I have no front sprocket on and after servicing the bike stated it up, the bike is in neutral, the neutral light is on, but the shaft was spinning around. I didn't test to see if any resistance as I didn't want to rip my fingers off. Is this normal or its it a clutch problem?
  3. Dominator / FMX
    New to the forum and I need advice. 01 FX650 Vigor, had it since new. If I disconnect the pulse generator leads at the frame connection, should I be seeing a coil resistance and if so what should it be? Any advice gratefully received, no matter how weird.
  4. Africa Twin
    Guys Really weird request coming up... Could any of you with heated grips please let me know what make and model, and what the resistance of each grip is? I'd also appreciate knowing if the grips are wired up in series, or in parallel. (If that's all gobbledygook to you, move on there's...
  5. Chatter
    I mean the wind resistance which pushes against your alloy boxes. We all know about wind resistance but to actually feel it like this is a lesson. I would like my boxes to be windstreamed like those trucks you see with stuff above the cabin to slipstream the truck. I think that fuel use is up...
  6. Transalp
    Hi I have had this for time now but it occurred to me this morning that it may be the brakes dragging. When I start out in the morning the bike does not freewheel very well and there seems to be lots of resistance - especially notice it when changing gear. After a couple of miles all is...
1-6 of 6 Results