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  1. Puncutre resistant inner tubes?

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    All 3 of our bikes have inner tubes. Are their tougher, puncutre resistant inner tubes available? Or are there any products that inner tubes can be filled with to seal or prevent or reduce puncture problems?
  2. more rust resistant exhaust header clamps for dommie ..what'll fit ?

    Dominator / FMX
    Would like to replace my heavily corroded 2 piece header clamps with something similar in stainless etc . seen a few used ones on ebay from different bikes . just wondered if anyone has found anything better quality that fits and doesn't cost the earth ? thanks in advance Bill
  3. More Ammo Box Nonsense...

    Bodgers Corner
    ... this time I have fashioned a tool box using a small ammo box. Bolted onto the luggage rack. Small, waterproof and theft resistant!
  4. For Sale: Lowepro camera bag for sale?

    For Sale / Wanted
    This three compartment backpack carries a digital pro SLR with lens attached, 2-4 additional lenses (up to 80-200 mm), a 17" notebook computer, digital accessories, and personal gear. Yet capacity alone is not what makes the CompuRover AW so amazing: It's packed with features that every digital...
  5. Adhesive for heated grips?

    I fitted a pair of 2nd hand heated grips to my Vara tonight. They obviously came without any adhesive, so I used what I've used on normal grips before with great success, hairspray. The hairspray worked a treat as usual until..................I turned the grips on and they heated up:rolleyes...
  6. Worried about new paintjob ... need some advice!

    Africa Twin
    I had all my plastic and the tank painted at a local joint (I'm sure if you guys saw it, you would start weeping, but it was the best I could find here in Hanoi) He did an ok job sanding everything smooth, and filling holes, etc, but I have 2 worries: 1. paint doesn't really look shiny (as in...
  7. Draper boxes on Touratech rack

    Africa Twin
    I'm going to try these Draper boxes (Draper 08398 WRSC515 Expert Water Resistant Storage Case (515x415x200) (WRSC-515)) on a Touratech rack (RWB 2002 AT)... Any thoughts on whether they should be parallel to the road or the seat when the bike is on the stand? Judging by pictures, parallel with...
  8. For Sale: Coleman Phad X2 tent & free tarp

    For Sale / Wanted
    For Sale: Coleman Phad X2 Tent, 2 man. I bought this New for the Triumph live gig in September this year. It has only been used the once there and is in like new condition apart from a couple of bent pegs. It was full aired before being packed away. I am including a brand new (not used) Vango...
  9. For Sale: Lewis Enduro style Jacket xl Brand new

    For Sale / Wanted
    Completely weatherproof, with zip-out winter lining. Superb Jacket with CE shoulder and elbow protection never worn. Breathable, high abrasion resistant material. Size 44-46 chest. Quality, cost me a fortune will accept £80.00 delivered.
  10. Honda Crossrunner

    Straight from the Honda press release (sorry bit of a rush) (pics at the end) The Crossrunner represents the best aspects of two separate biking genres: the flexibility and exciting attitude of a Naked performance machine with the upright riding position and rugged appearance of an adventure...
  11. Best Dual Sport boots?

    Can you recommend a good set of boots? Wulfsport International - The UK's Top Selling Off-Road Racewear& ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Diadora Stone 3 Pro brown boot - Trials UK...
  12. letter

    Africa Twin
    hello people i found this letter from spanish forum, they send it in 2007 to honda spain, maybe we can do it again for all honda representatives in the world... I don't agree with everythingthey say but it's something... i use google translate... Montesa-Honda Spain Marketing and Sales...
  13. Could this be the ideal "on bike" mobile phone?

    Mechanical Advice
    Okay, for some people, "on bike" and "phone" are like "military" "intelligence" - an oxymoron or contradiction of terms. Anyway... Emporia Solid - The best new mobile phones 'It won't break if you drop it, and it's also water resistant and dirt repellent. Its manufacturer claims it's also...
  14. Adjustable footrests from SW-Motech available

    Africa Twin
    FYIO: Found on : Beitrag anzeigen - Verstellbare Fußrasten Versatile footrest upgrade that attaches to original footrest mount. Made out of high-grade, corrosion resistant stainless steel with removable rubber padds (reduces vibration transmission). The massive...
  15. Exhaust paint

    Can any of you good people recommend a heat resistant matt black to paint/spray the exhaust on my 700 TA. I have used Plasi coat High temp spray coat but it rubs off. Cheers fat-mal:confused:
  16. For Sale: New Tank Bag

    For Sale / Wanted
    New KTM Tank Bag #1 2 Days Ago I have for sale a brand new un used still with the tag's on Large KTM tank Bag Made specifically to fit the KTM Adventure, with extra tough zippers and abrasion-resistant edging of reflex material. Adjustable size main compartment, three smaller...
  17. Rukka ArmaX Jacket

    Just wanted to know if anyone has any experience with the Rukka ArmaX Jacket. I’ve heard that due to its XCR material (some kind of woven Kevlar) that it’s supposed to be as abrasive resistant as leather. I can’t find any reviews that really go in depth unlike when I searched for draggin jeans...
  18. RD04 modifications.. Frame welding

    Africa Twin
    Hello! I'm completely rebuilding a -92 rd04 with KYB usd fork from yamaha yz 426f & rear shock from KTM lc04. I'm also building (among many other mods) new epoxy-GF-Kevlar fairings by using originals as molds (already did the front fairing). Now the question: frame gusseting in RD04 is made...
  19. For Sale: Childs Motorcycle Seat

    For Sale / Wanted
    Stamatakis Child seat, universal fit for scooters and motorcycles complete with footrests. I am told they cost over £150 new, looking for £60 ono. I have never used it – still in bag inside original box. Box is a bit squashed from being stored. Prefer buyer to collect from London W1 or Surrey...
  20. Q: Kawasaki Jacket Stelvio 2009

    STELVIO 2.0 TOURING JACKET (KAWASAKI) Newly styled Stelvio 2.0 long distance touring jacket for riding at any pace in all weather conditions. Update of the popular Stelvio touring suit providing improved waterproofing of the front zip. Features a detachable microfleece thermal lining and...