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  1. Africa Twin
    so I own both a crf1000 and rd07a. My crf1000 is having its wheels replaced under warranty due to spoke errosion. Question I have is could the old wheels be respoked to the rd07a hub as I love the gold wheels? Obviously assuming that the dealer will sell me the old wheels
  2. BMW
    if youve ever tried to change a spoke on one of these beasts , you`ll really appreciate these ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, new oem spokes from motoradd , powdercoated rims , powdercoated hubs ,,,,,,, @sfxwheels
  3. Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Doh !! Regretably putting another Transalp up for sale !! Unfortunately its silly having 2 of the same bikes in the garage and one must go. I have Ummm'd and Arrr'd lots over this as I genuinely love these Transalps, but I guess it came down to the fact theres more out there if the mood takes me...
  4. Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Due to ongoing house build expense and lack of space when the house if finished I need to seriously consider selling all my Africa Twins and look at consolidating down to one bike:( For sale will be: - 2002 XRV750 Africa Twin Black & Gold, all the right extras including crash bars, pannier...
  5. Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Its time to sell my Africa Twin. I've owned for just over a year. Only reason for sale is that I've upgraded to a KTM. Its been a great bike. Lots of extra's to be included in the sale. RD07a W (2000) Plate Black 20,000 miles GIVI crash bars GIVI pannier rack Tall touring screen + original...
  6. Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    1992 J Plate Africa Twin RD04 Unfortunatley Jamped (my dad) is having to sell his RD04, the bike is a 1992 on a J plate, has been professionally resprayed in Ford RS Orange, comes with crash bars, high screen, braided front and rear hoses, Renthal bars and lowered seat, larger foot pegs. Top...
  7. Africa Twin
    When I ride my @ has developed a handlebar wobble. If I remove my hands the bars wobble from side to side. I dont think it is really safe? So I need to get it sorted. I have started threads in the past and things pointed to loose spokes. So I got new spokes put in. This didnt help. So I...
  8. Transalp
    My rear rim is on its last legs, having been respoked once as well. I have managed to get hold of a decent spare on ebay, but rather than fit it as is I am wondering whether to get it refurbed? Its not mint. I was about to change the rear bearings tonight and having removed the rear I spotted...
  9. Africa Twin
    I've had my wheels respoked by Hagon a couple of months ago and , knowing the rear wheel uses 3 different spoke lenghts, I understood that it's not an easy job, so I decided to take it to them. When I got there, the first thing I asked was: "Do you have all the info, including offset on the...
  10. Africa Twin
    Over the last month or so my spokes ( mainly the front) are starting to show quite a bit of rust . I use the bike daily , all year and is parked outside . Im thinking of applying regular coats of wd40 during the winter and then in the spring have them respoked . Rims don't seem to showing signs...
  11. Recommended Dealers/Service Providers/Campsites
    Having just had the front wheel of my RD-03 respoked, i can heartily recommend Southern Wheels, West Kingsdown, Kent. He had the wheel for just over a day to carry out the repair with galvanised spokes for the price of £69. Stainless would have cost £105. Very pleased with the results :):):)
  12. Africa Twin
    Need some help and plenty of advice. Has anyone respoked their wheels recently. hopefully im getting my wheels powder coated and respoked in the winter, but for now im just doing a bit of reserch. looked on centrel wheels but cant make head nor tails of the mesurements. can anybody give me the...
  13. Africa Twin
    Well I have finished fitting the shiny bits. In the pictures you will see shiny bits care of Paul Hodgson, headlight and chain guard c/o Touratech. Newly respoked and powdercoated wheels. Thats it.... no more. :roll: ...... if you believe that you'll believe anything. :lol:
1-13 of 14 Results