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  1. Do the airbox tubes shrink over time?

    Africa Twin
    Hi, do the airbox tubes that fit onto the carbs shrink over time? When I took the airbox off during a recent service it was nigh on impossible to get the collars back over the carbs - it was like they were about 1/4 inch too short.... Can they be restored or do I need new ones?
  2. ayia napa at multiples!

    Africa Twin
    I am amazed just how many at's are in ayia Napa! I must have seen ten different ones in two days! And I also talked to a guy that owns a bike shop and just sold his at and has a perfectly restored old Honda mb80! I will post pics when I am back home.
  3. Re: New members needs help

    Africa Twin
    Re: New members The Cheater Cheated! Thanks for the friendly invite as a new'en Dave. Having just bought an AT in Northern Germany, I left behind some slightly concerned, but moreover disbelieving German chums and rode it back to the UK one Saturday recently. I have tell you, I was...
  4. Ahhhhh Thank Goodness for Crash bars

    Africa Twin
    Bend -----Ice ----slow ---OOOPS ----Straighten up ---slide ---- into ditch come to a halt. Thank goodness for Crash Bars, the damage consists of bent driving lamp bracket, broken indicator, scraped hand guard. Damage to person bruised wrist, aching ribs -----think its gonna be the cage...
  5. Oil Cooler

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi Rubberchicken..........hope you are well.Would like to know your opinion on the use of an oil cooler for a NX650. This would be inserted between the return oil pipe from engine and the underneath side of the oil tank. I totally agree with your thoughts re oil problems, my dominator is a...
  6. XR250 wont start

    Hi, New to the forum and hope someone can help. I've got a 2001 XR250 (not sure which model suffix it is so some help with identification would be appreciated....I believe 96-04 is covered by RT,RV, RW, RX, RY, R1, R2, R3, R4) with a Wiseco 277cc big bore kit fitted. It's been a pig to...
  7. what do you recon happend to ??????

    the mondo enduro bikes :confused: im nearing the end of the book now and this crossed my mind did they keep them for the memories? have some of them been restored? it would be such a shame if they've gone to rack and ruin:(
  8. The Great XRV Alphabet Rally

    Ok, so as some of you will know I was supposed to get on and organise a picture rally, with the view to making a few quid for the site and NABD. I've worked long and hard to culture a work/life balance that puts food on the table but allows me maximum family time and have not taken up career...
  9. My Nostalgia Trip i have bought a HONDA CB750.

    I allways loved the original Honda CB750 i remember cycling down to our local Honda Dealers Harry Gill with my mate to see the launch and it blew me away. I was 8 years old, how could anything be so big, so powerfull,so utterly bloody cool !!! Kawasaki Z1,s Laverda Jota,s, Moto Guzzi Le Mans...
  10. Looking for an aftermarket exhaust for RD03 Model

    Africa Twin
    :? Morning everyone, this is my first posting on the XRV site, so please bear with me!! Having read alot of your discussion, it seems you are definately the guys to ask the following....I have been searching for an aftermarket exhaust for my RD03 version but cannot find a listed one anywhere. I...
  11. Dream Garage?

    Africa Twin fully tricked and upgraded money no object Honda XL500R 1985 Red original Honda RC30 original Honda XR400 BMW GL1200 Adventure new , with the full works Touratech gear Ducati 998 S (Not the new shape) Red Works paint scheme Honda RVF 750 R Special , original. Maybe a Hog...
  12. Biking Brethren

    I had my faith in humanity partially restored tonight. I was on my way home(ish) from Norwich tonight and saw a couple of bikes pulled over just before a roundabout. One of them was a young lad with a scrambler he'd just bought, the other was a chap on a fireblade (also has a H-D by the sound...
  13. Replacement bike...

    Just for fun, imagine you've won the lottery (no, it's never really going to happen) and you decide to buy another bike while you have your AT restored to better than new.
  14. Breakdown

    Africa Twin
    Came home on the beakdown Friday evening so I thought I'd share it with the group in case a similar thing happens to someone else, fore armed is fore warned etc. Riding along merrily on my rusty trusty AT when all power stopped. As I was rolling a quick glance at the instruments showed that...