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  1. Africa Twin XRV 650 RD03 1988 Re-build restoration

    Africa Twin
    Hello guys, I am Nikola from Bosnia and I am in the process of restoring old AT 650 and the job is nearly done so I've decided to share this with one of the biggest Africa Twin cummunities. For now I will share with you link to a Serbian moto-forum,BJBIKERS, where I post everything I do on my...
  2. Looking for parts for a Swiss RD03

    Africa Twin
    Hi all i’m in the middle of restoring a 1988 RD03 from Switzerland. looking for the square headlight cowl and a tank. both need to be in good condition and not in need of painting. I already have both parts but the bike has been given a crazy paint colour so it might cost me more to restore what...
  3. 88 Transalp top fairing swop for Africa Twin top fairing and lights, is this possible

    Ok so I've just got an 88 TA and will be sripping and restoring it over the next couple of months. What i am wondering is, is it possible to change the TA headlight mounting frame, headlight and top fairing and fit the AT headlight frame headlights and top fairing without too much trauma? Love...
  4. 1972 Honda XL250 Motosport - Kickstarter assembly problem - Need Help! (See Video)

    Hello, I've recently acquired a 1972 Honda XL250 Motosport and am currently restoring the bike. Before breaking the bike down, I noticed when kick starting the bike that it would make a sound (something like a crude click) and almost feel like it 'gave way' or was 'stripping/slipping' (for lack...
  5. Restoring a 1999 XL600v Transalp- advice/info please

    Hi, Please can somebody tell me: I am repainting the aluminium rack as the paint had flaked off. Should it be gloss black or mat black? Gloss would match the plastic top part as it's shiny but maybe gloss will be too shiny? Same question for the black handle bars- should they be mat black or...
  6. For Sale: Africa twin RD03

    For Sale / Wanted
    Barn find/project picked her up a couple of years age with the intention of restoring, put a lot of money in her but still a lot of work to do, have no time or spare money so I think it's time she went to a good home, bad bits : windscreen missing, front indicator stems broken repaired for show...
  7. What to replace when opening engine

    Africa Twin
    Hi all! I’m restoring my RD03, I have just taking the entire bike apart and will start with the frame and engine. The engine was burning about 1L oil for 2,500km and most of the seals are leaking so I will replace all the seals and put some new piston rings in. My question to ye is what...
  8. testing an ignition coil, xl185s?

    I am currently restoring a 1980 xl185 and have managed to get a voltage at the input to the coil. I have connected my multimeter to the spade connector from the CDI and the needle bounces about to a maximum of 5v when the bike is kicked over. I guess this is what I should be seeing? I have no...
  9. Wanted: twinshock xr speedo

    For Sale / Wanted
    morning chaps,im just restoring a 79 xr 500 and am missing the speedo anybody got a speedo for xr 185/250/500 twinshock model?ta mark
  10. Africa Twin parts wanted.

    Africa Twin
    Hi has anyone got a pair of AT front engine mountings for sale or know where to get some from ,I'm currently restoring a RD07 which has been unused for a couple of years. I could also do with the exhaust heat shields ,get in touch if you can help ,Cheers
  11. Wanted: 1987 XL600LMF Right hand side panel

    For Sale / Wanted
    I am looking for the right hand number board/seat side panel for a 1987 XL600 LMF. Its the model with the three slots by the number board section. Condition not to important as I can repair most things. Also any info on useful sites to get cables and small service items from as I am restoring...
  12. XL185 front fork oil capacity ?

    Hi , new here , restoring a 1986 XL185 , just completed new fork seals , does anyone have the manual for this bike or similar year to get the correct fork oil capacity for both forks thanks in advance cheers
  13. Honda xr80 1987 parts, help and advice wanted

    Hello New to the forum Just purchased a Honda xr80 1987 and I'm looking for parts, help and advice with restoring it Any info, links or help really appreciated. I'm located in Nottinghamshire Thanks in advance Richiej25
  14. New Influx mag edition – Make it Mechanistic

    Hi guys, I just wanted to let you know about the latest edition of Influx Magazine – the motoring culture mag made by us here at Adrian Flux and Bikesure. February’s edition is titled “Make it Mechanistic”as we explore motoring’s shift from analogue machines to digital technology – and we...
  15. NX650 Dominator - Engine brackets - BRAND NEW FOR SALE - CUSTOM MADE

    Dominator / FMX
    I've been restoring these Dommies for a while now and the biggest pain in the arse is the Aluminium engine brackets. They're all rotten, perished and degraded now. And from Honda DISCONTINUED ! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH :( The ones Honda made are crap anyway. Low grade aluminium...
  16. For Sale: Honda xl250 1983 parts

    For Sale / Wanted
    well guys and girls ive got a shed load of parts here ive sold a few bits on ebay but have decided to log back in to my old account and offer them to you guys although not all are in pristine condition more like cosmetically tatty they have to be needed by someone?? i bought 2 bikes plus a...
  17. RD04 strange rattling

    Africa Twin
    Hi m8 i´me restoring an rd04 . opened the engine to change the output shaft . today i started it for the 1st time but it has a strange rattling noise that seems to come from the back of the engine between the rear head and the starter motor , only does it when on the side-stand and if i...
  18. XL125r 1986

    Hi There, I am restoring a xl125r and am trying to locate a rear silencer for it . Has anyone got one for sale regards paul
  19. RD03 Invasion!

    Africa Twin
    I couldn't help myself :p After having so much fun restoring my first RD03, I decided to import two more into California. I'll begin restoration soon with plans to sell them. My restored bike is closest...:thumbup:
  20. Advice on buying a RD03

    Africa Twin
    I have been restoring and rebuilding old Hondas for many years - mainly SOHC4's. Now is the time to have a project with a XRV650 RD03 from 1988. I have the opportunity to buy and 1989 AT XRV650 RD03 with 91000 kms on the clock. I have absolutely no experience with XRV's og XLv's so before...