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  1. Unions and restrictive practices

    Anyone else old enough to remember the good old, bad old days of unions and restrictive practices? Just found this. :D 100% free webcam site! | Awesome chicks and it is absolutely free! | Watch free live sex cam - easy as 1-2-3
  2. Regional XRV Camping Meet 2011 - Thetford Forest - 29th April - East Harling, Norfolk

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    April 29th – April 30th 2011 Regional XRV Meet - East Anglia.... Open to all XRV'rs :thumbup: Update 15-04-2011 Itinerary, Check points, PMR radio channels, Base camp, Mission Control, Supplies As it seems to stand at the moment we are looking at a morning ride out (for those that can make...
  3. Will this work? NX 250 to XL 250 Degree swap?

    hi all Does anybody here know if this Silencer ALU Honda NX 250 Dominator , 297,00 € - Motorsport Goetz GmbH, Goetz Motorrad, Quad, ATV, Enduro Zubehoer willl fit my XL 250 Degree? Am about to lavish some TLC on the old beast and a less restrictive exhaust and some air box mods are on the...
  4. Surrey TRO - please write in and object before 27 Aug

    Great Roads/Routes
    Surrey TRO - please write in and object before *31 Jan 2011*UPDATED SEE BELOW Hi all Surrey County Council have proposed Traffic Regulation Orders on two byways in West Horsley, to completely ban motor vehicles including motorbikes. If these Orders are made we will never again be able to...
  5. Few bike policies good for new bikes

    Insurance policy wording comparison firm Defaqto says only about half of bike insurance policies will automatically replace a brand new vehicle if substantially damaged. This compares with 92% of car polices, suggesting bike insurance is an inferior product to car insurance. And most...
  6. Salisbury Plain Traffic Regulation Orders

    Please see the following and respond if you can. These lanes are slap bang in the middle of quite a few runs across the Plain. Dear Members and past Members we need your support, Wiltshire CC propose to close a number of BOATS around Stonehenge to motorised vehicles, notices have been posted...
  7. Exhaust Noise in Austria

    Africa Twin
    Hi all I am making a trip down to the Tirol in Austria again this year. I went last year but on my Pan1300. This year on the best bike for the roads there - my AT. However I have a Motad exhaust fitted and while not too noisey is not exactly quiet either. I am sure I saw a sign on one of the...
  8. Hein Gericke Road Cool Pants

    Product Reviews
    Bought these today Hein Gericke (UK) Ltd. so thought I’d let you know what I think of them. I decided to get some new pants as my old ones had gone baggy and was annoying. I wanted a good pair, leather, but comfy. The bib section is very good as regular pants if not tight enough can slip down...
  9. Where is my XR from.

    Hi Guys I just bought an XR last night but i dont know what spec it is and I thought some of you guys may be able to identify it. Looking at the chart above it does not belong in any of the categories because it has a glass headlight, switchgear for indicators but no evidence of...
  10. High Fender on Off-Road NX

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi - I've seen loads of pics of Dommies with high (XR-style) front mudguards. I have bought one on eBay from an '89 CR500 - because I wanted the non-flouro red, matching the rest of my bike :cool: I checked that the yoke drillings will match, so I am certain that the 'guard will fit. But I...
  11. Gordon's Mods - Improve your XR 250 or 400

    As the mods that Gordon did get referred to almost constantly for an XR I've copied them here for posterity and stickied them. The source was the XR400 Yahoo group. So let's use this thread for...
  12. Best all weather riding gear

    First sorry for an other jacket thread but things do "evolve" . So now that my Hein Gereke prosport jacket has fallen to bits (18 moths old ) I've been looking at several jackets and pants for adventure riding (and commuting daily). I'm trying to find a set that can be used from in summer and...
  13. London start for B2!

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    ..a bit ahead of the official release but may be relevant. Indigo5(media)UK Ltd in association with has been invited to act as the UK representative for the now world renown 'Budapest- Bamko Rally' in 2007, the event dubbed by the press in 2006 …" where cannonball meets the...
  14. BSM exhausts - thumbs up

    Africa Twin
    I had my new BSM exhaust delivered from David Silver yesterday, and first impressions are that it's well made, much better than a Laser ProDuro, for instance. It's slightly shorter and narrower than the OE item, and the silencer by itself is quite a bit lighter (surprise!). However, the...