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  1. 650 front sprocket

    Just changed both sprockets today but the front one (+1 tooth) is slacker on the shaft that the one i took off. As anyone will know who has changed a sprocket the bracket with two bolts to retain the sprocket has to align in the gap on the spline as they do not line up otherwise. Anyone suffered...
  2. Removal of clips that retain the surround for the rev counter and temp guages.

    Africa Twin
    Hi, has anyone ever removed the clips that retain the sorrounds on the dashboard, rev counter and temp guage.
  3. Retain orjinal calipers and wheel for WP conversion‏

    Africa Twin
    Hi there, am a member of your site for a long time. I have a lot sharing from your benefits . First of all I would like to thank you . Africa twin front suspension to the transformation of the user who have that dream. I will have a few questions. I have my KTM 950 WP48 suspension. Due...
  4. 2000 XR400RY 800 miles - some day one shots...

    Evening, Thorough wash and degrease today to have a good look over and here we go. Delighted. All I can find is the guts of the spark arrestor missing and one screw, that to locate/retain the speedo cable in the front wheel missing - maybe not replaced at last service. I'm very pleased. Stuart
  5. A whale of a time!

    Buell / Harley Davidson
    Refreshing the Harley threads as no one has posted any for a while, well it is Honda Trail bikes after all!. I purchased a solo seat for my Great White Whale (Harley 91 FLHTP) at the Shepton jumble. The seat is for a 97 on RoadKing so it is not correct for the bike, but it was cheapish (for...
  6. Photo competition guidelines

    Charity Calendar
    The 2014 calendar photo competition is open from today until 31st august 2013. This is an amateur photo competition for forum members only. It is being organised for fun and to raise money for charity (by the printing and sale of calendars on the forum in Autumn) Each person can enter up to...
  7. Wanted: Bolts for RD07A alternator case access plate

    For Sale / Wanted
    Per the thread title, I'm trying to find replacements for the three bolts that retain the RD07A alternator/stator casing access plate. From memory the bolts are about 90-95mm long and half plain, half threaded. Fiche no. MV13-E1000A shows them as parts #13 and #14. I'll update here once I've...
  8. photos of bikes

    Some of you may know I'm trying to set up a website about motorcycle finance - the boring stuff about loans and insurance and where to get cheap parts and so on. I've spent a lot of money and time on it so far but I am short of photos. I have even asked a few professional photographers but got...
  9. Anyone ever "updated" the RD04 rear end?

    Africa Twin
    Just curious like, I actually want to trim it right down, lose the bolt on subframe and rear piece but retain the side panels, but it all bolts to itself so to speak. Ideas?
  10. Modding the "X"

    Bodgers Corner
    Being a habitual tinkerer...... Well the (optional) rear rack on the X Country was a bit crap, pretty but pretty useless at strapping anything too. It desperately needed some lugs to retain straps etc, the old swing rotting in the garden supplied the chain links for the lugs, a couple of blobs...
  11. Honda VT500 Ascot returning home

    Other Honda
    Just brought back my old 1984 Honda VT500 Ascot that I swopped in 1998, it was advertised locally on ebay so went to have a look and brought it. I originally brought it from an import company in Stoke-Midland Motorcycles I think they were called in, 1997. Called into them after taking my lad...
  12. Road Book Scroller

    Bodgers Corner
    For the Pyrenees trip I needed to install a roadbook holder Due to the cost of the electrickery ones I opted for a manual one They supplied a mount that the scroller ran through that was meant to be fitted direct to the handlebar. This would mean removing the switchgear so I made up a faux bar...
  13. Newbee Hi - Wheel advice

    Africa Twin
    Hello all, First post on the forum. Although I no longer have it, I did own a CRM (nasty 2 stroke but excellent bike). However always fancied an XR. Came across this forum while researching ideas for a cafe racer I am building. The bike is based on an old SOHC CB750 Honda. I want to retain...
  14. Sold: My Varadero is for sale - loads of accessories and extras

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    REDUCED REDUCED view of the need for 2 tyres and brake pads before long I will knock £250 off and round that down to £3,500 hopefully for a quick sale. Offers considered as we just closed a deal on one and p/xd annes bike. I am selling my 2007 Varadero (wanted 2x good, low...
  15. WARNING! NOT FOR THE CHILDREN. What to do with abusers?

    I have spent the day reading cases and have come across the case of the little girl who died of starvation in Birmingham three years ago. I know that several of my forum chums will say "KILL THE PERPETRATORS!" and "HANGING'S TOO GOOD FOR THEM!", but I thought I would post something that...
  16. This project thing, should I start another new thread?

    Africa Twin
    So here's the thing, I've got plans for a little restoration project with a really nice XRV 650 RD03 recently acquired from a member of this parish and currently awaiting my arrival to collect her at Chateau Chad next Friday........ Not seen her in the flesh as yet, not sure how she will end...
  17. Classic yamaha dating certificates in the uk

    How to make an application for the retention of a vehicle's original registration mark If you own a motor vehicle whose registration mark is not held by the DVLA, you may still be able to successfully apply for the retention of its original registration mark. To retain the vehicles original...
  18. Husqvarna develops 900cc engine

    Husqvarna and BMW’s engine development team in Munich are revamping the BMW F 800 R’s 800cc twin-cylinder engine into a 900cc engine to go into a new concept bike. The first use of the F1-influenced engine will be in a naked street bike, but a Husqvarna big trailee could well follow...
  19. K N Filters versus Standard ta600

    Hi there, I'm new around here. Transalp 600VM '91. Wondered if anyone had used KN Filters on a TA ( the type that retain the old airbox I mean ) and wether or not they thought it was worth nearly 3 times as much dosh or wish they hadn't bothered? I'm mainly interested performance wise, can't...
  20. Africa Twin Choke Retainers

    Product Reviews
    Finally, what we've all been waiting for, and what Honda and other after market part makers couldn't be bothered to give us!! Rugged Roads have answered the prayers of owners of the RD07 and RD07a models who have experienced failure of the plastic nuts that retain the choke plungers and guide...