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  1. Swap: Africa Twin Bash Plate for one for a Varadero SD01

    XRV Swap Shop
    Have an Africa Twin bash plate. was going to retro fit to a Varadero SD01 but think that is beyond my limited talents So swap for a Varadero plate, Touratech or homemade
  2. French trip - Wheels and waves 2014

    Love the look of this biking get together in Biarritz in France. Loooks like a gorgeous gathering of retro vintrage bikes , cool mofos and beer in a sweet location. I might have to put it in the diary for next year. Southsiders present: Wheels & Waves - second edition on Vimeo...
  3. BMW R65 Retro Motard

    BMW R65 Retro Motard by Mr. Martini Moto Special MrMartini Triumph moto custom customized motorcycles Edit: I tried to add some pictures, but I did not suceed.
  4. Never mind knobblies, get one of these.

    Other Bikes
    Caterpillar Track Motorcycle Retronaut | Retronaut - See the past like you wouldn't believe.
  5. Honda reveals 3 new models

    Honda UK have announced 3 new models on there facebook page today one is a sporty scooter thing, another is modern remake of the CB1100 which looks nice and retro modern, the other is a dakar bike. Anybody on FB can view it here...
  6. new to the forum and need some advice on front forks

    Hey how you all doing? I looking at an XR250 1994 that a friend is giving to me, if I take it I want to beef up the front forks. I am wandering if anyone has retro fitted Olins or the like to an XR? If so what did you need to do? Thanks McDee
  7. retro springer wheel ,,,,

    Buell / Harley Davidson
    this is going on a retro 1999 springer witha xzotic panhead motor kit on it check out the bike on you tube ,,, its the one with hollywood bars n 50,000 views ,,, the chrome wheels off an electra glide , with fancy DID half round rims ,,,,,,,,,,,,
  8. Trip Computer 1991 Africa Twin - Retro Fit?

    Africa Twin
    Does anyone know if you can fit a trip computer from younger model AT's onto a '91 model? If so how easy/hard is it to do? Many thanks Neil
  9. For Sale: Retro Maico Crosser shirt

    For Sale / Wanted
    Genuine 70's Airtex Maico Crosser shirt no rips,pulls etc good for a bike,or retro summer casual :thumb: Size small 12 quid inc postage
  10. Retro @ pics

    Africa Twin
    Easy one this. I'd like some good pics of the old @s with the flames on the fairings and tanks. I suppose I could find them myself, but I don't fancy the trawl. So, can any of you help with some good pics? The more detailed the better please. Thanks.
  11. Retro fitting a trip master

    Africa Twin
    Hi guys, I'm looking to retro fit an original Honda trip master to my RD04 AT. How easy is it and what's needed ? Is there a special wiring harness ? how does it take off the km's, is it from an adapter on the Speedo clock or from the wheel ... I'm then guessing there is a power feed and all...