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  1. XR400 Exhaust Diffuser/baffle tube and Duct/Snorkel for airbox

    I'm trying to return my XR400 to standard specs. As it seems that many XR owners remove these items, I'm hoping that someone has a diffuser and snorkel for sale! If you do, please send me a message. Thanks.
  2. RD04 throttle cable problem - help please

    Africa Twin
    Hi All. The throttle on my bike recently became stiff to the point it would stick open. Before this it was working fine and there were no changes to the routing of the cables etc. I took it apart and it all looks ok. I put oil down the lines and they are totally free. I cleaned the carb end...
  3. RD07A 20th anniversary - Morocco again

    Africa Twin
    Dear XRV Community, My RD07A's anniversary was actually an excuse to return to Morocco. I've always received kind and useful feedback from this forum, herewith sharing a few photos: More can be found here:[email protected]/albums Happy and safe travels!
  4. Part number anyone

    Hello all, I am after one of exhaust pipe shields. I looked it up on genuine Honda parts website where it comes up as PFKL 391531 but when I put this number in a search field on any Honda suppliers websites it doesn't return any results. Any ideas?
  5. engine cases

    Hi Guys i'm having trouble splitting the bottom engine case on my 82 Xl500r, i have to replace the kick start return spring, i have the engine upside down on the head & I've removed all the exterior screws, are there any internal screws i have to remove & what is the best way to separate them...
  6. kick starter

    Hi Guys need a bit of help, i have an Xl500r 1982 & i have had it for over ten years, but have since got the urge back to ride her again, no i was trying to kick her over after changing the CDI unit & gave her a freshen up with new plug & oil + filter etc etc, now this issue is when i went to...
  7. Throttle sticking at the carbs

    94 Transalp. Been stood a while and prepping her for winter abuse. Thought it was cables so popped throttle off but even with the cables loose it still stuck on full - after a tug on the return it snaps back. I've oiled the cables plenty - there was oil drippping out at the carb end so it got...
  8. North Wales --> France & Spain --> North Wales

    Well I've decided that the easiest way to do my recent tour trip write up is going to be in the form of a blog. That way it's going to be more easily readable than by inserting a few random images on here. So, to date I've managed to write up the first half of the journey covering North Wales...
  9. XR 600 wheel bearings & spacers info required please.

    Can anyone give me the dimensions (dia, bore, width & any identifying part numbers) on the rear bearings. I want to source my own. Oil seals too please. Also I'm able to make my own stainless wheel spacers at work - I'd really appreciate some details of the size of the spacers too. I can supply...
  10. RD04 Fuel Pleasantly surprised

    Africa Twin
    Now the RD04 Marathon rep encourages me to thrash it so I've never really pootled along as I have almost always been on my one when on it Fuel at best has been 47-50 ish mpg max, a lot less that the RD07a but acceptable because it's faster than the RD07a Went out with son no1 (Dave) on his...
  11. Free return ferry ticket from Hull to Rotterdam.

    Half a dozen of us are riding to the Assen Moto GP this weekend but one lad has had to drop out. We catch the overnight ferry with cabin supplied this Friday and return on Wednesday 29/06/16 arriving back in Blighty on Thursday morning. Some but not all of the blokes are going to the Nurburgring...
  12. hello from Waterford , Ireland

    Africa Twin
    hey Folks just joined the forum .. as I sold my BMW R1200 ADV just bought myself a 00 Africa Twin Rd07a... she is a little bit of a labour of love. many many years of being ignored and left out in the rain (rust and wiring issues) but going to return her to full glory.. the site has been a...
  13. xl 125 dakar front brake locks up

    My mate has an xl125 and his front brake locks up after hes been using it for about 10miles. He has to crack the bolt on the caliper unit to release the pressure ( after the oil expands through rubbing the disc..? ) otherwise it stops the bike dead eventually. I need advice on where to look...
  14. xr400 front breake master cylinder conundrum????

    How the hell do i remove the clear plastic circle in the bottom of the master cylinder to check to see if my return hole is blocked??? Many thanks in advance Dave
  15. dominator wet sumping

    Dominator / FMX
    having finally got my dominator engine running i have found it wet sumps when left for a short while. I am used to this on my old british bikes but does the nx650 motor have a anti drain valve anywhere?Is this a common problem when the motor is running I have good pressure to the cams and good...
  16. Centre Stand Fit

    Africa Twin
    Bought a centre stand for my 04 the other day off Rugged Roads. I'm not 'twp' here (welsh for - thick, stupid etc) but after everything was in place the usual wrestle with the spring ensured only to find that when the stand was lowered there is no return action! Lower it three inches and it just...
  17. Varadero XL1000 rear brake dragging

    Hi all, I have a '99 Varadero and here's the problem: Apply the front brake and it releases ok. However, it doesn't activate the rear caliper. Apply the rear brake and it activates both front and rear calipers but doesn't release the rear one properly, which continues to drag. It releases...
  18. Messed up the speedo needle

    Hey Guys, Been fiddling with the speedometer, as the old owner made some interesting changes, things happened, and I overturned the needle, to where the spring snapped. 1) Am I right in thinking, that if I twist it back around clockwise and glue it back to the snapped bit, it should work and...
  19. Looking for snow on an Elefant!

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Hi all, a great finish to a long weekend, took my old Elefant out for a run today, see if I could find some snow! I headed up Speyside to "The Mountain", Cairngorm. So Elgin, over the hill by Dallas to Knockando, follow the Spey, through Grantown then back road by Nethy Bridge to Coylum bridge...
  20. BSA Section required :-)

    Other Bikes
    I proudly present my latest garage filler . . . . . . . One 1951 BSA 125 Bantam D1 Comes with an assortment of extra's, including an engine . . . . and some bits & bobs to keep it all together . . . . . . . Gent up the road from me asked if I would be interested in getting it back...