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  1. Registering a CRF230f

    CRF - New Forum!
    Hi, I'm trying to get proof of year of manufacture for my 230 and although I've contacted Honda UK and given them the Vin number, they say that they are unable to help and have returned my cheque. Any ideas ?:(
  2. Guess what was waiting for me when I got home.

    Africa Twin
    New wheels wahooooooo I got my old rims returned as I knew they were not in that bad a condition. I'll take some pics and post later if anyone has cheese for rims and needs a set
  3. Could have had a whole stable full of new bikes...

    Well, would you have returned it? ;) Man Returns $98,000 He Found in Desk Purchased on Craigslist
  4. Returned to owning a Transalp

    Swapped my previous TA for a Stelvio at the end of last year. Just swapped my N reg VFR for this Y reg red TA with only £16k miles on it. Feels just the same.:) Needs some minor tweaks, changed the rear indicators which were stuck out the back like big ears:grommit: 'cos of the Givi rack...