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  1. Removing the Front Fairing !!! Help Wanted

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi All After returning from the VINCE and having a bit of a prang I am at a crossroads on whether to replace the fairing like for like or to remove and use a SLR/X-RAY type front. Yours thoughts and tips are most welcome. I have sourced a replacement front fairing and also a acerbis headlight...
  2. Balkans, Croatia, Serbia, Greece

    Hi Looking for advice, recommendations. I'm planning a 2 week trip down to Greece via Croatia and maybe Serbia. Returning via Italy. Has anyone taken such a route? Any advice/must-do's/warning welcome. Thanks, Spades
  3. Riding out to Italy tomorrow

    Hi, booked on the ferry from Hull tomorrow night then 6 days away, returning on the motorail from Livorno next Saturday, Hope the weather holds out, should be good.
  4. Best engine oil and filter for my 650 xl 2003

    My 1st transalp. Returning to bikes after 25 years. Can anybody tell me which is the best engine oil and filter for my 650 xl 2003. Kind regards, Charlie
  5. Returning to Africa Twin

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hi Everyone, i had an Africa twin a few years ago and changed around a few different models since but i was drawn back to buy another twin for its looks, performance, ease of servicing and parts. After my first run out i realise what i was missing. I wont be making the same...
  6. returning to site

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    hi to all, i was a member of this site last year, my wife and i took part in jogle 08 (previous username was triballegs). i am at present recovering from a monster lower back injury that has had me off the bike since october 08 and have now returned to riding a bike. downside i had to sell off...
  7. Returning to the fold

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi, I'm Mark, 45, single (not gay) with 3 expensive sprogs and I currently reside in Shipley, Yorks, but not for much longer. I'll start right at the beginning, I saw a red Dommie in London, it was 1988 and it was blatting past Big Ben, I had a GTR1000 at the time (not much difference there...
  8. returning to a transalp

    hi, just joined!!!! :cheers: just bought a new 04 650 transalp. I got a good deal from local dealer. its a black one (they're quicker) its got panniers, top box, heated grips, taller screen,scotoiler, datatag, and a centre stand. I paid £5150, this includes 2 years free servicing (unlimited...