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  1. Fuel pump repair kit

    Africa Twin
    Duplicate post. My mistake.
  2. Rocker cover gasket - reuse?

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi Folks, I have the top end of my dommie just now to replace the piston rings. I was looking at the steel rocker cover gasket and wondering if it was possible to reuse by cleaning all the rubber off it with scotchbrite/wire wool and then coating both sides with RTV before refitting. Any...
  3. Air filters - Oiled Type

    Africa Twin
    Does anyone know of a manufacturer who makes oiled foam filters for the RD07. I looked on Twinair website but couldn't seem to find any. Are the pipercross oiled ones any good? Can I clean and reuse them? Many thanks in advance Oliver
  4. Ally Panniers on a Varadero

    I have a set of the stock/OEM panniers (plastic Honda ones) and am planning a hard trip so am considering larger and stronger ally panniers (as seen on the GSers). Does anyone have these fitted to their bikes? Could I possibly see some photos of the setup? And does anyone know if it is...
  5. 250 head bolts

    Any one know if these are stretch bolts???? or can they be reused
  6. KTM EXC vertical oil filter screen retainer.

    Everything Orange - KTM
    I hadn't been looking forward to this job, but was really pleased that the filter retainer came out without as much hassle as I thought it would. I ground down the largest 'Easiout' that I had in my tool box...just enough so's to grab the rounded off sides of the retainer, then put a bit of...
  7. XL 600 Head Gasket

    Happy New Year To All! Can anyone tell me,can i reuse the head gasket,as i'm doing a top end rebuild,if i reanneal it, or do i need a new one? many thanks,Paul.
  8. To those who received MAWF collection tins:

    The Longest Day
    Make a Wish would like them back when you're done with them :D They can put new sealed stickers on the top of them and reuse them for future fundraising ventures. When you're done with yours, and logged the contents on the justgiving website , post the...
  9. Honda XR400R Technical Specifications

    XR Technical Specs
    This is a test thread to agree a layout for technical specifications threads on other bikes. Comments on usefulness, layout, etc.. very welcome. These specifications are intended as a guide and do not constitute official measurements or specifications. If you are unsure please get a Honda...
  10. Credit crunch

    I have been asked as a member of the Bedford Newsites London West and Northern Home Counties Narrow band and Complex Copper Solutions Planning and implementation ,development and research forward thinking and leading the way to glory for the chairmanTeam to come up with new ways in which we can...
  11. Oil change - seal washer quick?

    Africa Twin
    I'm planning to get to halfords sometime today to pick up some oil and try an oil change (have a spare filter ready to go on as well) but I haven't done it before and not sure what condition the oil bolt seal washer will be in. I know you're meant to replace these each time, but don't have any...
  12. Jeez, why is everything complicated....

    Am going to have a play on the plain this coming weekend, but wanted to get some TKC80 boots to replace the road tyres currently fitted to my AT. I seem to be facing probs. Everywhere local to me, either does not do bike tyres, or can't do thm before the Sunday, or simply want ridiculous money...
  13. Anyone planning to fix their choke?

    Africa Twin
    If anyone is planning on fixing a dodgy choke (which is much like asking "anyone going to be stripping the brake calipers soon?"), they're likely to find out as I did that the dreaded choke plunger, feeble spring, quick-seize 90 degree bend at the end of the choke cable and the self destructing...
  14. Seat Reupholstering - GA Wells & Son

    Recommended Dealers/Service Providers/Campsites
    If you find the AT seat a bit errr "bench like" then you need to pay a visit to these kind people: Mark or Dale Wells G.A. Wells & Sons Shepshed Leicestershire Tel - 01509 504700 Address: G.A Wells & Sons 9 Hall Croft Shepshed Leics UK LE12 9AN They have done 100's of AT's and basically cut...