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  1. Volvo Auto Braking & Collision warning. Car for idiots?

    Is it just me but having a car with Auto braking and collision warning on isn’t a safety feature for other road users it's an excuse to let incompetent and dangerous drivers onto the roads? Let’s face it if the car is supposed to stop you hitting things they will be less likely to do the obvious...
  2. Revs dropping when steering hard right

    Mechanical Advice
    Thought i'd post this here to see if anyone else has had this problem. When i come to parking i turn the bars fully to the right and start waddling backwards, at this point the revs drop, not just a bit either, i have stalled it a couple of times through lack of idle revs. I thought it may be...
  3. IPSWICH Dirty Dozen

    Justice...... Whilst at work last night, justice was served on 12 scooter nobs...:D I and my other partner in crime were delivering to a shop in the center of Ipswich. The roads a no entry to motorvehicles, except buses, taxi's and delivery vehicles. I follow my mate down and as i stop he...
  4. Squeaky front wheel

    Africa Twin
    Just a quicky. Pushing the bike out of the garage before going for a ride, there are no squeaks. Getting back from a ride and reversing it in, and the fron wheels makes a noticeable squeaking noise. I've felt the discs and they're cool to the touch so I don't think the brakes are sticking...
  5. Volvoed

    I know normally this means you pootling along when a Volvo pulls out without seeing you an takes you out, but today I had one reverse into me. Thanks to the crash bars, the Volvo has a broken rear light and a very embarrassed owner. There was a pile of traffic in New Cross. Some Lorry had hit...
  6. Anyone got a flywheel bolt removal tool?

    Africa Twin
    Hi, I think I've worked out why my RD04-RD07 transplant isn't successful ... the flywheels have their contact points in different places (the RD04 has 2 opposed to each other, whereas the 07 has several) - hopefully this will explain the lack of ignition. Therefore, I need to remove the...