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  1. RD07A MRA windscreens

    Africa Twin
    I seek advice from people with experience with the MRA varioscreen V (new full screen) and the MRA vario touring (clip on top of old screen) part. I suffer from high windnoise on higher speeds. Been looking for reviews and comparisons, but not alot to find. I'm 6 foot 2 inches high. I like the...
  2. CRF1000L - Batzen Screen adjuster ...SOLD

    For Sale / Wanted
    For sale one Battzen screen adjuster for the CRF1000L. Plenty of reviews out there on how this can transform the bikes airflow. Video review Uses...
  3. I know I'm being lazy, but.....

    can anyone recommend a decent cover for a 600 TA? I did a search on here but nothing came up. By 'decent' I mean something that stays on, packs up small and won't rip after a's mainly for deterring opportunist thieves and similar vermin, rather than withstanding a hurricane. Amazon...
  4. Brake pad reviews

    As with sprocket reviews the common thread here is to buy honda oem parts. However, surely ALL "universal" parts cant be useless otherwise companies would go out of business, no?
  5. Afx fx-41 ds

    After using my BMW enduro lid to the maxium amount of usage over years.. I was looking around for a replacement.. after reading many reviews.. settled on the AFX Fx-41 DS was about 170 euro.. got the gold mirrored visor with it.. which was about 30 euro off ebay I use ultimate ear molded ear...
  6. Fitting race lines - HEL ONES - how do I back bleed?

    Africa Twin
    Need to fit new Hel lines. Read a few reviews on here where people have had some problems fitting them, so wondered what is the easiest option to fit these? If I reverse bleed do I fill one line up to the reservoir then move on to the other one...then what?
  7. For Sale: HELD Matera Gore tex pro shell Jkt - Medium (as new)

    For Sale / Wanted
    Its been a wee while since i posted on site as The tranny went and i picked with my first love of mountainbike racing. im having a clearout of my kit to help fund the racing. first up is a brand new HELD Matera pro shell gortex jct. This does not have a mark on it as i only tried it on to...
  8. New Africa Twin - 'Users Views'.

    Africa Twin
    Unsure if this subject has been covered in any depth but its almost been a year since the launch of the new @T. So, 'users' will have had enough time to evaluate and assess the new bike's potential. I know there have been so many reviews written on this bike, but what I'm looking for is the...
  9. RD07A weight on rear rack

    Africa Twin
    The manual states max 27kg load weight but only 10kg on the rear rack, understand the recommendation but I'm sure riders exceeded this limit =) The reason I wonder is that I'm interested in the 58l Trekker Outback, the manufacturer blinds the specifications like their football team dives but...
  10. 600 Touring Screens

    Hi, I know this topic has been done to death but i'm after a touring screen for my 600 transalp. I'm around 5'10 with average proportions. I've done a lot of reading and the MRA screens seem to come out well, but i'm not sure if the general reviews i've read are for the touring or touring...
  11. the Last varadero xl1000v 2011 or 2013 ?

    Hello friends , im having this confusion regarding the last manufactured varadero. was it in 2011 or 2013 ? i thought 2011 was the end of the varadero but i found reviews for 2013 as well all the web sites selling parts got 2011 as the last model any clue ? with links to read :) Thanks
  12. Are the positive new AT reviews making you think?

    Africa Twin
    I was in the "maybe i will look at one in 2-3 years time" camp now I am seriously thinking of getting one, of course I can't justify £10,000 on a bike, but it is tempting anyone else thinking this?
  13. Sbs sintered brake pads

    Ive just fitted these to the transalp 700 and after 150 miles i have to say they are very good,they are better than the nissin honda pads that were in which still had 3mm left,they cost £42 for the two sets for the front brakes,i will be replaceing the rear with sbs pads and also my daytona 675...
  14. For Sale: 2 jackets - held pro shell gore-tex (new), Frank thomas Tourino

    For Sale / Wanted
    now that the translap is gone, time to clear the loft. 1 held matera gore tex pro shell jacket, medium, new still in bag. comes with upgraded Held D30 Armour throughout. id say this is the same quality as a rukka pro shell Cost me £700 sell £310 posted. this one: Held Matera Gore Tex Mens...
  15. Forma Adventure Boots

    I just took delivery of a new brown pair of Forma Adventure Boots today and i have too say i'm very impressed.I did do quite a bit of research before i bought them and they had good reviews,they are the only boots that i've had that are comfortable straight out of the box,i have no connection...
  16. For Sale: NEW: HELD Matera pro shell jacket, Schuberth C3 56/57 neon yellow

    For Sale / Wanted
    sold the Transalp earlier last year and have been keeping this gear just in case a new one comes my way. Alas its not to be (for now that is), so rather than keep these they are up for sale. both are new, never worn / used, still boxed and i'll throw in receipts for the warranty. HELD Matera...
  17. The "What I bought today" thread

    Africa Twin
    Searched but didn't find any thread about this, sure there is the "Product Reviews" but.. well it's easier to tell what you bought than to do a review :blob8: Rules? Not really, if you bought the product today, last week, month or year doesn't really matters. Sure, it's an advantage if you...
  18. Decat pipe centrestand

    Hi New member from London here. Recently got an xl700 and thus far very impressed, good forum also. I am wanting to change the exhaust system and rather than just the silencer (not sure which yet but probably a fuel one given the reviews on here) I want to install a decat pipe. I have a centre...
  19. Is the Go Pro thing any good????

    Hi all, I am thinking of grabbing a Go Pro for movie making, has anyone got a Go Pro and is it any goos for bikes? Ive read so many great an then bad reviews I am so confused!!!! If anyone has links to their footage or just a general review I'd be grateful :D Cheers all !
  20. JT chains

    Africa Twin
    Hi has anyone had any experience of JT 525 X1R chain ,just had one fitted to my RD07A ,replaced the DID chain because there was 10 k on it . I hadn,t really heard any reviews on them and was curious if anyone new anything about them . Cheers In advance