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  1. Rhein Wein Tour

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    A quick afternoon tour along the Rhine:thumbright: Bingen; Looking across from Bingen towards Rüdesheim; Rüdesheim; On the ferry...
  2. Germany 2012

    Change of plans on this years Vader's tour. Now heading for the Rhine again. Everyone welcome see
  3. 2012 - Back to the Rhine

    Vader's Tours
    Change of plan What with that silly sausage eating Kraut mucking up his passport application and not being able to make this year's Northern Germany trip we had a bit of a rethink about where we would go. Yes we all still wanted to go to Plon but it was felt that that would best be left for...
  4. Will it tour 2 up

    Hi folks first post from a prospective TransAlp owner. Im thinking of buying a 650 TransAlp with a view to doing some 2 up touring next year so firstly is the Alp up to a trip down the Rhine valey 2 up carrying a fortnights supply of knick's and sock's. Secondly other than luggage racks what...
  5. Our Stella Alpina trip 2011

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Hi all, just thought I'd share our Stella trip. Fiona and myself left Morayshire on Sunday 03/07/11 at dawn for Newcastle to catch the ferry to Ijmiuden, Holland to meet Hudders on Monday morning. The beauty of the DFDS ferry is you get the evening to relax and a good night's sleep before...
  6. France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany 31 Jul - 8 Aug 2011

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Anyone want to join irideforlife and me on a trip around Europe this summer, you'd be more than welcome. Send me a PM. The plan is to take a ferry to France on afternoon of 28 July, tour, camp, maybe hotel sometimes, and return 8 August. Route will probably be through Belgium into Luxembourg...
  7. Back from 4 week European trip!

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    We got back 3 weeks ago and all this snow has given us the time to sort photos out - although some of the snow scenes will now have lost a bit of their impact! Breifly - we had 4 weeks off, no set plan except a 1 way ferry to Calais - and make it up as you go along......we had a really great...
  8. Iron Men rather than Iron Butt

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    So it started last year with James 691 pointing me in the direction of Luxembourg, followed by me thinking let’s do something like that again, followed by lots of helpful suggestions including Koblenz, Celle, Rome, the Pyrenees, Stuttgart, Prague, Denmark and then a random discovery that Antony...
  9. Germany,June 2010

    Vader's Tours
    Could i please have final numbers as i am about to start booking the first campsite Number of people Bikes Tent size(prices vary according to size:rolleyes:) For the guys from up north Will you be arriving on the site early or staying longer? First campsite opens up again in March the other in...
  10. Stella alpina rally 2009

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Saturday 04/07/09, bike loaded and set to go with a new set of Michelin Anakees we set off from Lossiemouth, Morayshire. Fiona and myself on the Mighty Varadero, 09 with 3100 miles on the clock and Andy on his 1999 Fireblade. Two days to travel south to the Eurotunnel, stopping in Kendal...
  11. Stella Alpina

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Well, due to the obvious lack of information on the Stella Alpina rally, one which has been attended by many from this forum, I will take it upon myself to ride down there and return with a comprehensive report for the website! This Iconic rally seems to have fell by the wayside and...
  12. Germany in 2010

    Vader's Tours
    Ok i am planning a trip in June 2010 to Germany/Mainz and to give everyone who is interested time enough to save money i thought i post that now.The Plan is to go for a long week(10 days or so)do the Rhine/Mosel Valleys for a few days and then go on to the Johannesfestival in Mainz.(This is for...
  13. Dambusters run

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Had a great run out yesterday, in a vain attempt to find a life I decided to visit the Mohne Dam. I drove here once in the car with my folks but wanted to see a bit more so here's a few pics - sort of before and after. Barns Wallace designed the bomb that was supposed to ruin the German industry...
  14. first time tour

    Africa Twin
    Hi again, i'm planning on touring europe in sept on my 01at, heading through holland into germany down to the rhine valley then over to the black forest, before going over the alp's into verbania then onto montreux before heading up to luxembourg and back into holland. Anyway it's my first time...
  15. Trip to the Vosges

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    I’ve just returned from a short biking and camping trip in France. Initially we’d planned to go down to the Dordogne but it was apparent that the mileage involved was going to prove too much for Mrs xrv_jim so we quickly decided to head east to the German/Swiss border area instead. We found...
  16. Stella Alpina 2007 Africajims report

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Hi all, well, another Stella, another medal! I set off from Scotland on Saturday 30/06/07 for Newcastle and the ferry to Ijmiuden, Holland. It rained, which kind of set the scene for the trip really! Two days in Germany travelling down the Rhine Valley again, in the rain then on to...
  17. Guided tour to germany 18-25 August 2008

    Vader's Tours
    While we where on skye a few of us where talking about a trip to Germany.Where i come from is one of the most beautyfull parts of the Rhine river and we a lot of wine festivals every year. The suggestion was to go there by bike ,stay in youth Hostels (Cheap!,very clean,breakfast included and...