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  1. Tool tube cap

    Anyone got a spare cap for a tool tube? Bike fell over on way to a bike rally and the RHS cap smashed into three pieces Thanks for any help John Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
  2. CRF250X crankcase cover broke! Help needed....

    CRF - New Forum!
    Second post..... Nightmare!☹️ I have cracked the crankcase cover (rhs) and clutch case cover after hitting a rock. Does any know if the crankcase cove from a CRF250R will fit on the X?? It's a 2005 model. They do look very similar but the Honda part numbers differ somewhat. Cheers Jack
  3. RD04 RHS Mirror

    Africa Twin
    So here's the RHS (driver's side :p) mirror seems to be set up for someone who's about 5'4" (I need to duck right down in order to use it) and I can't seem to get it into a better position. Is there a trick or technique that can be used in order to angle it up? The mirror rotates but...
  4. WANTED: Radiator RD07A - RHS

    Africa Twin
    Stopped at the garage to buy some beer and noticed coolant dripping onto the floor. Got home and took bash plate off and have traced the leak to the underside of the radiator. It seems to be bubbling out of the bottom. I will take the rad off and see if it's either corroded through or whether...
  5. Wanted: WANTED Honda XL650 Transalp RHS Fairing / Panel

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi Im looking for a Right Side Fairing for a Transalp 2001 type Slid on diesel and left some road rash on the tank ... Many thanks Axel
  6. Wanted: Wanted RHS Mirror for RDo7a

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone had a spare RHS mirror for an RD07a hanging around and want to sell? Had a bit of an incident and broke mine yesterday!! Cheers Andy
  7. Wanted: XL600R RHS Side Panel + airbox-to-carburettor rubbers

    For Sale / Wanted
    The title says it all. I'd be happy to take a pair of side panels if you've got 'em. For an '85 XL600R (RFVC/twin carbs) Thanks :D
  8. Swinging arm parallel?

    Africa Twin
    Having just popped my wheel back in I thought I'd check the alignment, and noticed that the distance from the LHS of the swingarm to the rim is 7cm, and 5cm on the RHS...Is the swingarm symmetrical, or is it offset cos of the sprocket etc?
  9. XL650 Pannier rack options

    I'm looking for the 'universal' type racks, i.e. with the rounded corner rectangular frame. I'd like the LHS to match the RHS in terms of how much they 'stick out' from the bike. What options are there, pros & cons?
  10. Yet another XL600 project...

    I swapped my XT250 for a 1985 XL600 'project' today :D While it is 'a bit of a shed' it does seem to be fairly complete (rhs sidepanel missing if anyone has a spare???). Here are the before pictures I didn't bother to take a pic of the large box of bits that also came with it. I'm not...
  11. starter solenoid ( DR350S 1996)

    Hello Folks, Just need to check where two wires connect on the starter solenoid. The wires are yellow/black and black/white. I've taken them off without noting their position. Does the B/W wire connect on left hand side and Y/B on the right as you look at the starter solenoid (battery on the...
  12. Wanted: Transalp 650 right-hand radiator

    For Sale / Wanted
    Mine has gone to Margate. And yes I have looked at ebay all over Europe and have investigated the cost of a new core, and the 600 doesn't fit. A 650 RHS radiator, if you have it, please! Ta, Philip
  13. Wanted: Rhs front disc

    For Sale / Wanted
    RHS Front disc wanted if anyone got going spare will pay sensible obviously for 2000 AT rdo7a pref not warped(got one of those) Yes i maybe being a tight b****** but prefer to replace two new ones at same time and would rather not do this just before 4 or more months of salty ****ty roads...Cheers.
  14. Transalp - RHS Hand guard - Wanted

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi Looking for a RHS hand guard for a 2003 XL650V, does not have to be immaculate just in one piece!