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  1. Africa Twin
    Hi everyone, I am a proud owner of a AT RD07A 1997 (Name TOTO) I experienced a bizarre moment this morning as was riding, Toto decided to cut out leaving me with no lights or ignition button working( dead ) 10 minutes later after waiting on the side of the road she started again ! Now I will...
  2. Dominator / FMX
    Woe is me:( Fed up now, been doing allsorts to the bike including carb and still chugging, erratic running, weak spark and seemingly rich mixture Carb off, intense inspection, clean, change some bits, jets, diaphragm etc Currently on 155 main, 55 slow, small washer under needle New Pulse...
  3. Africa Twin
    Hello I have a 1990 AT. I want to ask about pilot and main jets. Manual says about pilot jet, that 1990-1992 its size 42 and after that size 40. And main jets front 118, back cylinder 122 for 1990-1992. 1996+ there is 115 and 115 size jets. Why are there different jet sizes? My fuel consumption...
  4. Africa Twin
    My RD7A (2003) is backfiring every time i close the throttle to engine brake. Going down a long downhill on the way to work early in the morning i'm capable of waking all the dogs.. blue flames out the back is spectacular but not quite civilized.. The bike has a leo vince pipe, and i am...
  5. Africa Twin
    The mixture on the front cylinder is rich and this foul the plugs up with carbon, which means I must clean or replace them often, the other cylinders fine,I did a trip to Malawi in October last year and had to change the plugs every 2000km. Is this the jets or air/ fuel mixture screwed?
  6. For Sale / Wanted
    Hi just obtained an slr for running about but could really do with a service manual to rip it to bits and have a play. Has anyone got one or a similar engined one for me to purchase or maybe take a long look at:thumbright: please pm me if so as it would be a huge help or if anyone knows where...
  7. Africa Twin
    Hello! I recently bought a rd04 that has started to run really rough! It has no idle, smokes a lot. It's running way rich but I can't figure out why.. I've checked the carbs, spark, choke but i can't find anything wrong! Any tips? Sun is shining and I got no bike in working order! Hehe :)
  8. For Sale / Wanted
    Two jackets for sale: Hein Gericke Cruise GTX Jacket Size 56 (USA 40, UK 38, F 48). Ie. 'medium to large' Genuine Goretex, hundreds of quid new. Well used with visible wear in some areas but still great. Comes with armour and removeable thermal liner. £55ono. Pics: Richa Jacket (not sure...
  9. Africa Twin
    Hi all, Last year I bought a 1990 RD04 but it has been running too rich. Removed the carbs to clean them out and have a closer look and found the previous owner put in 2x 130 main jets. Stock jets are 118 and 122. Needle is set 3th notch from the top. The jets are too large but what size should...
  10. What's it worth?
    My 1998 TransAlp has decided to stop running! It had been running very rich for a while and now, no go. So as I am skint I am thinking maybe time to cut my losses, what would it be worth? Bike has done 54,000 miles and apart from the starting(or not!) is in fair condition.
  11. Africa Twin
    Been spending lots of time on the AT at the moment, now have a problem! Last week I changed the air box as it was split & had seen better days. While doing this I freed the choke cables off as they were seized. Now it's running really rich and fowling plugs! Any ideas??
  12. For Sale / Wanted
    Hi everyone , I picked up my lovely xl 600 lmf , it's my second one so I was delighted to find another good one , on journey home as I stopped for a break and was walking around bike admiring it I was sick to discover that my battery cover side panel had blown off, can anyone help with sourcing...
  13. XL
    Hi everyone , after much searching I was delighted to buy my second lmf 600 today but I lost my battery side cover which blew off on the motorway . Can anyone help with sourcing a replacement . Rich
  14. Chatter
    Hi everyone , i have spoke to DVLA regarding importing a bike from Germany and they advised speaking to customs also .I am now posting as i would be greatfull to hear from anyone on the forum who has done this as personal experience is in my opinion invaluable . Ideally i would purchase and...
  15. Africa Twin
    Anyone fitted these on their AT's? I fitted last year some locally made (some sort of rubberized canvas). Problem is that they aren't as elastic as original ones and I couldn't get rich mixture when tried to adjust it with Colortune plug. There is no air leak so I am thinking that the problem...
  16. Africa Twin
    Last year I bought Colortune spark plug in order to adjust my mixture. No matter how much I turned mixture screw I couldn't get rich mixture (yellow flame.) I cleaned both carbs before adjusting and checked with spray everywhere for leaks but the rpm's didn't change so no leak, right? It is...
  17. Chatter
    Today at Sainsbury 1l for £15
  18. Transalp
    I´ve removed the PAIR system, the catalytic converter(sorry environment) and installed new main jets, 125´s, and the bike is still running rich. I´m riding around south america and my altitude changes from sea level to upto 5000m (Ill be hitting boliviar in a few months). The bikes running rich...
  19. Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Hi everyone , once again im changing bike i have for sale on ebay my bmw g 650 x moto , would some kind member please post a link to it as i have not got a clue how to do it ,reg number RE07HKF as usual any subscribed member who may be interested in bike please feel free to call for a chat ...
  20. Africa Twin
    Hi has anyone previously owned this bike , its on ebay , i have owners permission to post .Any info greatly appreciated rich
1-20 of 56 Results