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  1. For Sale: RD07A 2000 for sale

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi, my friend has decided to sell his RD07a It’s a 2000 model He’s had it for a couple of years and only ridden it once! I’ll get some more details, and get it mot’d again. The bike is located north of Inverness, if anyone is interested send me a pm cheers J
  2. Vstrom 650 or Tracer 700 or NC750X??

    I am looking for a "do it all" bike, to replace the Transalp (London ULEZ has kiboshed it's use) and the R1200RT. I am looking at the Vstrom 650, the Tracer 700 or the NC750X I have ridden the NC750X recently and it was good. I rode the VStrom a while back, but can't remember anything about...
  3. Wanted: Transalp 600 low seat

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi all, I'm looking for a lower seat for my 97 600. Happy to buy or swap for a standard seat. The standard seat is almost ok, but the bike is going to an Uncle of mine (presuming he passes his test next month) who hasn't ridden for years and I'd rather he was fully comfortable on it as he's a...
  4. o7 crf 250r front end ..

    Africa Twin
    I have a crf 250 r front end complete wheel too i do need a caliper and m/cylinder but i am toying with the idea of an upgrade .I will wait until i have at least ridden my AT (which i have yet to do )but if any one has actual experience in this conversion i would be interested in hearing how it...
  5. 'wooden' Sportster and BIG V Twin (Flying Millyard) at Calne bike day

    Buell / Harley Davidson
    Went to Calne bike day yesterday on my Drifter, saw a few TAs and an Africa Twin loads of GS's and 100's of Harleys This Sportster had a very realistic wood paint scheme Also saw the Flying Millyard being ridden in the traffic, had seen it on other occasions but static, picture from last year
  6. The new AT, emperors new clothes

    Africa Twin
    The reason we all love the AT is because if the bike that it is and the experiences that the bike has given us, but every one wetting themselves over a bike that isn't an AT, that they have not seen, nor ridden and don't even know the specs of, but because Mr Honda has given it the same name...
  7. little cracker honda vt250

    Other Bikes
    great looking bike being ridden by a good looking lady :cool:
  8. Givi vs MRA Vario

    Evening all !! Anyone here ridden a Vara with both Givi & Mra Vario screens ?? I have a givi on mine now, but would be very temped to get the latter, as I've had them before on other bikes and found them brilliant. However, all bikes are different, so thought I'd ask if anyones tried both. Cheers
  9. Newbie saying hi.

    Just like to say hi to everyone. My name is andy living in the stourbridge west midlands area. Riding a xl 650 vy which i love. Looking forward to getting involved with the forum which i was told about by a friend who owns an africa twin. Owned different bike and ridden for 30 years and almost...
  10. For Sale: Transalp 700 for sale

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Hi all, just testing the water, I've an 09 700 Transalp for sale, looking for around £3500, low miles and clean. It's up in the NE of Scotland but summer's coming so could be ridden home. Pics will be e-mailed to interested parties.
  11. 650 vs 700 Performance difference???

    As above. Only asking as I've ridden the 700, not the 650, which I get tomorrow. Is there much in it ??
  12. So define...........................

    Adventure as in adventure bike. To me riding any bike is a bit of an adventure. Doesn't matter where you're going or for how long. To caitieM riding her little scoot arouind the estate is an adventure, to others an outing to The Lakes, Wales, Scotland is an adventure, and so it goes on.You can...
  13. High Mileages,fine,but what has done to achieve them.

    All these fantastic high mileages that have been done on these fantastic bikes that we have,but nobody ever asks at what cost.So that is the question,what have you done in terms of maintenance,what have you had to do as far as larger repairs or replacements are concerned and how have you ridden...
  14. Cheap hack?

    I've been watching this with interest, but its too far away for me. I've ridden a couple of these (and a Grand Canyon) when one of my bikes was being serviced in the past, and they go quite well, and are pretty light. My only bad memory was the power of the headlamp, but its an easy upgrade...
  15. Spaghetti covered Varadero

    Hmmmm, 8:30, Artillery Row, SW1, London; spotted black Varadero covered in spaghetti, dripping olive oil, stinking of garlic, and being ridden by a very foreign looking lunatic!!! Anyone we know on here, I wonder?!?! ;)
  16. Stelvio Pass

    Anyone ridden it? It turns out we have a friend who lives very close(in Prad) and we're planning on dropping in there on the way back from Turkey... I have no idea which way it runs(from where to where) and which bit is the highest point:rolleyes: Any info useful!:thumbright:
  17. Ridden: CBF600

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Took my FMX for replacement head bearings and was "fortunate" enough to be offered a courtesy bike (first time in 19yrs of riding mind you:() I had the dubious pleasure of a CBF600N. When reviewers say it is boring they understate the point slighlty :sleepy5::shock::sleepy5: The engine is...
  18. Has anyone ridden a Yam XT660Z?

    Anyone out there tried one or know of a dealer with a demo? I know Timpo on ADV has one but there ain't much out there. Will I be disappointed if I replace my AT with one????????????:confused:
  19. whats the most you have ridden in a day

    I broke my previous record this weekend and rode 430 miles missed my turn off and went the long way round. only 395 on the way back. I have had the @ for nearly a year but hadnt been for a long ride(75 miles to anton88's), so decided to visit my brother in Falkirk. BTW the sheepskin helped my...
  20. anyone ever ridden a vn1500

    Thinking of getting one has anyone ever ridden one? comments appreciated?