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  1. street smarts safe rideing video

    great video its pretty old but still very relevant I am sure we can all learn something from it enjoy :thumbup:
  2. busted flat in baton rouge

    Out haveing a grand burn on the transalp 160 kms done and I would have spent a couple of more hours rideing but I picked up a piece of steel with the back tyre . The tyre is well sliced along a block of the thred I fear the tyre is ruined. The rip is about inch and half long and I wouldn't mind...
  3. Back in the saddle

    Africa Twin
    Ok after crimbo i will be , doing my ibt on a A permit , i want a african twin, but should i opt for a Translap whist doing lessons ect. After lessons there is a 6 month wait for full licence. I an 48 and 6/7 and consider myself a causios driver, a lot of my rideing will be green lane, as i live...
  4. i seen a ghost on a bike this evening

    I went to the V in south county Tipperary today with my young lad on the back . going down trough the trees heading back in the direction of clogheen from the hairpin bend Google Image Result for in south county...
  5. any one know where to buy a piece of textile material to patch bike gear

    the heat shield is missing off my transalp . the bolts snaped in the nuts on the back heat shield as I was takeing of the exaust to repair it . a couple of weeks ago while out rideing with my 9 year old boy we stoped at a tree to collect some conkers ( his mothers idea men out spinning around on...
  6. north wales tuesday / wednesday .

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    out for a few days rideing up to north wales, hopeing to be going up the snowdone railway to the cafe, i hope tryed for the last 3/4 years ,wish me luck:toothy2:
  7. ride outs mid/south wales any takers

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    new to the forum could not go to the camping weekend but always out and about please pm me if your up for a days rideing :thumbup:
  8. if i had £8000 i would buy this little beauty

    Other Bikes
    I seen one just like it red same seat the lot maybe the same bike ? parked on the street in Dagenham around 20 years ago and I cant ever remember seeing a more beautyfull looking bike on paper screen or in the metal . from what I have read about them they were the best parrale twin of the 70's...
  9. 700 trasnalp tyres

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    just payed for a second hand 700 picking up next weekend, what tyres do you lot recommend, will be rideing the back roads off wales , not much m4:mad:
  10. Hi all!!!

    Owned my 02 xrv for 1 month now. Bought with 94,000 on the clock:o Bike is completley standard apart from remus can Fitted new mich anakee front+pads New YSS rear shock New fork springs+oil New bearings to all rear suspention Dam good clean:thumbright: Been rideing on road and off road for 30...
  11. Hello all!

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    hello all. I am a new member to the XRV site, but not new to the great world of bikes. i currently own a Honda VFR 800 which is a great bike, but i previously owned a Africa Twin and i have never forgotten how good it was, (god knows why i sold it). so i am now looking to swap, part x mine in...
  12. hello and a merry xmas

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    hi all just like to introduce myself .my names robin and i live near louth/ lincs .ive been rideing a vara 1000 for 4months and love it 6000miles allreadey 3000 in spain brill time .had the bike from new had a bmw 1200 gs before let me down 3times in as many months ? then get a phone call from...
  13. hello all

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Joined the site last week after a bit of time spent looking in the for sale section . Ive just sold my 1100 gs and have been after another africa twin well last saturday i drove to Preston and bought a 1996 africa twin 12000 mles full history one owner bike . This will be my third africa twin...
  14. Thanks Mudwiz!!!!

    Had a rather interesting couple of days, yesterday I was meant to be going trail rideing with my friend Luke, unfortunatly on the way to mine he came off on a patch of diesel, and damaged his bike, luckily he's ok, but he's not going to be rideing for a while. Anyway I decided to go do some...
  15. 1992 Mtx125 Running Problems.

    Other Bikes
    Hi, I have a 1992 honda MTX 125 on a j plate. When i got the bike it had been stored for 3 years. I drainned all the fuel,oil, coolent etc etc and refilled before rideing it. I noticed stright away that it does run properly in lower gears. In 1st,2nd and 3rd it runs really rough and in 1st it...
  16. First big bike moment

    Can you rememeber the 1st big bike moment you ever had the day when young bikers grow uo perchance? For me it was my 1st super bike back when I was 19 I bought a d reg gpz900r. The 1st time I took it out onto the motorway and opened up the throttle it was like rideing a jet fighter.The stretch...
  17. scooters again

    Come on how many of you have actually ridden one, lets broaden it how many of you actually started rideing bikes when you hit 16 I did some of the best fun I had was on mopeds scoots 125's. You guys who jump on bikes late in life dont know what you have missed 8)
  18. performance of the alp

    Hey..newbie here....currently own a 95 Dommie and have been looking to upgrade to a Transalp(04 or 05 model)just wondering what you guys think of the in dirt and road performance...there are quite a few for sale here in australia and l'm currious as to why the owners would be...
  19. sad sad day

    Yes it pulled my heart strings today to see an old face on the bike scene hang up his gloves. This bloke used to ride all weathers on his trusty steed alas no more :( The sound of his put put cx will never be heard again :( For reasons I cannot phathom(money) :( Many laughed at him as he...
  20. Airing my spuds

    Thats right its boiling up here got some really funny looks rideing down the bypass with my legs open airing my taters 8) Nothing worse than sweaty bollocks 8)