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  1. Stalling 700

    Finding an annoying problem with my 700 TA of late. If I do a sharpish right turn the old girl just dies on me. No probs on roundabouts, only sharp rights, into my drive or parking spaces. Happening quite often. No difference if fuel is full, empty or anywhere in between. Hot cold dry wet, no...
  2. Liar Liar pants on fire

    Like so many MPs before it seems that Chris Huhne feels he is above the law. A few months ago he was protesting his innocence and today with insurmountable evidence against him he has done the 'honourable thing' and taken responsibility for his actions. Honourable thing my arse.. He was...
  3. Good source of trails - Trailwise

    Just found this site and as a consequence found loads of trails within a 10 mile radious of me I never knew existed!! TrailWise - The National Catalogue of Rights of Way
  4. Today's strikes

    I'm fed up hearing about how hard done by the teachers are and now they are out on strike again. Teachers get more time off than any other profession, if they wan't more money and rights why don't they sign 9mth contracts then the other 3 months of the years when they're on holiday they can get...
  5. Tory Party Conference

    I listened to the Chancellor yesterday before I went to work and I've listened to some of it again today. Well, all I can say is I'm voting for them again next time after hearing what was said today. The biggest bit of common sense I've heard for a long time: "Getting rid of the Human Rights...
  6. Human rights act

    BBC News - Commission to review Human Rights Act after terror case It's about time this act got looked at by some working class people not people who live on another planet in a different country, some how though i don't think this will ever happen. Personally i would get rid of the human...
  7. Ride for Rights

    Took my 'alp on the London Ride for Rights this afternoon. Amazing experience. Thousands of bikes took part. Started at Wembley Stadium. Roads and junctions blocked off by police riders to let the rally come round the North Circular, in on the A40 and over the flyover, down the Euston Road and...
  8. Ride For Rights Gathering - London - 20th Oct.

    Morning! I don't know much about this event except what I read this morning in Motorcycle Sport and Leisure and on 'tinternet, but it appears to be a mass rideout and protest for riders rights, in particular against the inclusion of motorcycles in the congestion charge. The ride / protest is...
  9. Rights of Way (again)

    I was riding a Roman Road yesterday and was warned by 2 mountain bike riders to watch for Police as they were 'cracking down' on trails bikes. Am I right in thinking that Roman roads clearly marked on the map are perfectly legal to ride on and are not subject to downgrading from a BOAT to a...