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  1. Rigs 'n bike

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Took advantage of the good weather up here, sorry guys down south, but you can't have it all the time. ;) Went to see an old mate up Norh, grifted all the way up, slowed back a bit on the way home. Decided to take in the Cromarty loop :thumbup: The rig is fekin hooooge when you see...
  2. Working on an Oil Rig

    No...not me !!:D Number 2 son has requested that I ask on here about working on an oil rig. I know a few on here are well informed about this industry so I'll leave it to those that know. He's 22, got about 10 GCSE's did half his A level course before leaving. Passed the Marine fitness...
  3. Oz - Delegate pub ride

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    The NSW & Victorian Advriders decided to have a gettogether at the Delegate hotel half way between Sydney & melbourne, it turned into a huge gathering !! I met up with rigs, amado and another and we did a transport down the motorway to marulan then hit the back roads. it was overcast and...
  4. Highlands

    Great Roads/Routes
    We moved from the South Coast to Highlands last year and at last I have found some rider roads again. I used to do the 'Wallops' run from Southampton to Thruxton on a regular basis but some of the runs up here leave that standing. There is a big loop from Loch Ness up to Kyle of Localsh (Skye)...