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  1. Vara brake pads

    I ordered 2 sets of front pads and 1 set of rear pads, as you do, from Wemoto for my Vara 1000. When they arrived all 3 sets had the same part number. On ringing Wemoto, I was informed that front and rear pads for the Vara are identical. Is this right? :withstupid:
  2. Xl700 Insurance

    As i collect my new Transalp on 1st March i have been ringing round for insurance, tried the Honda Insurance scheme and they didnt have the new Transalp listed !!!!!! but they should have now..... they eventually quoted me £98 Fully Comp' including Legal...
  3. PLEASE READ: Reporting posts and site rules

    If you ever find yourself thinking that a post, or thread is a little suspect, be it in the content, or language used, SPAM or anything else you can deal with quite easily. Posts can be reported using at the top right hand corner of the post. I've put the guidlines on the wiki at...
  4. Another Warning

    With all these cold weather about i thought it might be a good idea to get some hotgrips for my bike as i noticed that at 6am it is a touch chilly.Looked in the local yellow pages to see if there is a bike garage near by. Found some advertising from a guy claiming to "know it all".Since he was...
  5. Africa Twin Bike Breakers

    Africa Twin
    I'm still on the hunt for a sub-cowl for my fairing, and not having much luck so far finding a used one (stupidly missed one that came with a nose fairing on italian ebay yesterday - should have made sure I didn't miss the auction end and snapped it up then worried about delivery and cost later...
  6. Rideouts...

    Past National Meets
    OK, Barftone and I are organising some rideouts for the National Meet on Saturday (BTW, does anyone else want to organise and lead one as well?) We both have something in mind with a possible meet up at some point, but I'd appreciate your thoughts on... Roads only? (Lakeland roads will be...
  7. M&P

    I would have put this post in the DEALERS forum but it's not really a recommendation. Jenna put in an order from M&P as our usual trade suppliers are not really motorcycle based. It went in on the 24th for Tyre, innertube and brake pads and was told that it would be a couple of days. A few days...
  8. STOLEN Black @ RD07 W498NAS

    Woke up this morning to find some dirty little fecker has nicked my @ and my girlfriends MZ RT125 from outside my house down in Brighton. It's a black XRV750 with tall screen,center stand, Jama crash bars on the front (don't know of anyone else thats put these on) with a power socket on the...
  9. XR1000 without whisper kit

    My Helmet was absolutely soaked after a wet ride to work this morning, so for the first time since I bought it I took the Whisper Kit off to help dry it. I couldn't be arsed to put it back on when I left and bloody hell was it noisy without it, and drafty. I persisted on the motorway for about...
  10. The bells, the bells, oh those bells!

    There I was, happy as can be, in Brussells last weekend for the Jazz Festival. By chance I parked the old AT in a street near the Big Square or Grande Place or Centraal Markt. A terrific Galician band appeared playing fabulous music. I was loving it until - those Christian pests started...
  11. The Great Kid's Day (Wash) Out

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    The Great Kid's Day (Wash) Out - Part 1 OK, so it was raining. But it's a bank holiday for heaven's sake, it always rains :crybaby: No need to be alarmed - it'll ease off - it always does :D Got a txt from Whealie saying it was all systems go so we saddled up and rode west :thumbup: We...
  12. Cool Scrambler mod

    Posted this in the "other trailies" forum but thought i'd put it out for all to see. Jack Lilley did up a new Scrambler to look like the one they used in the Great Escape. I want one now. Ride around in chino's, a blue sweatshirt and carry a baseball glove. Oh, and go around jumping fences (I'll...
  13. cool Scrambler mod

    Other Bikes
    Jack Lilley did up a new Scrambler to look like the one they used in the Great Escape. I want one now. Ride around in chino's, a blue sweatshirt and carry a baseball glove. Oh, and go around jumping fences (I'll pass on stringing up wire across roads to knock germans off their bikes)
  14. Paul Cave

    Does anyone know where Paul Cave (aka Caveman) is? I've tried to contact him on his EIBC email address some time ago, and people on the GS'ers forum have been emailing, ringing, etc. all to no avail. Is he away or just on hols? Anyone know?
  15. HELP !!!

    Does anyone know where I can get some reflective tape to put on the back of my panniers. I see loads of bikes with it on but have just spent an hour looking on the internet and ringing the likes of Halfords and my local bike and car accessories shops to no avail. Toolstation have it but it's on...
  16. Problems With Moto Safe Alpine Ear Plugs

    Recommended Dealers/Service Providers/Campsites
    I purchased a new set of ear plugs via a link on this site. They are like a very small mushroom in shape with interchangeable filters and a special tube to fit them. As they arrived just in time for planned run out to Aberystwyth I was eager try them out so followed all the instructions to fit...
  17. Corroding rear wheel

    Africa Twin
    Ok my bike has always had a bit of surface corrosion on the rear wheel , not helped by winter riding and zealous cleaning . I'm just in the process of changing my rear tyre and what's stopped me in my tracks is the level of corrosion on the inside of the wheel. Hiding under the rim...
  18. mondo Enduro & Terra circa DVD.

    Africa Twin
    Forgot to mention also found out where to get said Dvds' from. I ordered mine by ringing 08456 777 807 and quote DVD2 for £19.95 for the double dvd. Chris