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  1. Split-Link or riveted?

    Dominator / FMX
    Would you trust your life to a split-linked drive chain? They're easier, but are they safe?
  2. Is this chain riveted enough?

    Africa Twin
    First time at doing a chain and sprocket change and I'm paranoid that I have not done it properly. Are these riveted enough?
  3. Chain links...mine doesn't seem to have a riveted link??

    Africa Twin
    As I shall hopefully(DHL permitting:rolleyes:) be changing my sprockets and chain, I'm wondering how to get the old bugger off. I've had a look and I can't seem to find a particular link that I can attack to get it off...I thought there should be a special riveted section*?? Anyway, is it...
  4. Remove link on new chain and sprockets?

    Dominator / FMX
    I have just replaced me chain and sprockets on me NX650 and without checking I’ve riveted the link, on adjustment I have found that the axle is quite far back, 5 indicator lines back, I think I should have taken a link out, but I’m also thinking that the chain will probably need changing within...
  5. new jets and drilled out pipes.

    Dominator / FMX
    hi all.i'm sober for this post so i hopefully will be able to spell and not repeat to much as i did on my last post.i have now drilled my end cans out(2x22mm holes on each can.the holes overlap and look like a pair of tv binocular vision thingy.......dont know if that makes sense) and re-riveted...
  6. my new metal belly pan that I have just made..

    Hi everyone Im a new member and thought Id share some pics of my new belly pan i made.. I made some cardboard templates first. taped them together to check it would fit the bike. I used 2mm aluminium that I got free! In fact I only had to pay for some new washers, that cost a £1.. Its pop...
  7. Transalp sumpguard

    Have loaded a selection of pictures and drawings of my home made sumpguard for a 1998 XL600V. It will fit other 600's and may fit 650's (cut it out of cardboard and check! I just have and it does NOT fit 650). With 3mm & 2mm plate it is probably not robust enough for enduro style work, could...
  8. Fuel exhausts - Transalp 700

    Gents Fitted my shiny new can this weekend - as I am numpty I cannot post pics here, but feel free to go to fuel exhausts website, then to gallery, then to Honda, then transalp 700 - its the blue one! Perhaps the more enlightened can paste it in a reply? The blue metal on the can looks rather...
  9. Master Links & Chains

    I just bought an OEM chain from David Silver which comes with a master link that needs to be riveted. Although I can borrow a riveting tool from a pal and am quite capable of doing the job I went about looking into the availability of a master link with a clip that suited my new chain thus...
  10. Givi engine bars match with which belly pan/engine guard?

    Hi - I have the Givi crash bars (came fitted) and am looking at the Touratech and SW Motech engine guards, does anyone know if they will fit? I like the look of the SW Motech as it appears welded as opposed to riveted, but not sure where the top two mounting bolts would go with the Givi bars...
  11. chain replacement

    Mechanical Advice
    Does anybody know the torque to use on the chain tool to rivet an new chain on my xl650 (2002 model) I have ordered a original chain + sprockets from davidsilver but no instructions came with the chain. I have some information regarding pins length in my haynes manual, and according to them i...
  12. Stolen Frame - Buying

    Mechanical Advice
    Advice needed please. I am after a new frame, I have found one on ebay. There is no number on the frame. The guy has told me that the bike was stolen 3 years ago and when he got it the frame no was missing. I'm not entirely sure of all the details but it sounds legit, like a returned stolen...
  13. Guess what I made from ------

    Africa Twin
    Any ideas ??? Any better ?? Just a couple of 15mm copper brackets riveted to the plate And finally -------------------Ta ra ----------nice little heat shield, non rusting :D:D ( unlike my rear disc --- lack of use during the hols :mad: )
  14. Front Sprocket/Chain length - '94 Alp

    Hi Folks, Not had the bike out a lot this year....New job, no time etc.... MOT looming so I thought I'd attend to the worn chain. Ordered from M&P who took 3 weeks to deliver and I think I have the wrong chain, (despite numerous confirmations of the year/model of bike) Chain looks to be a...
  15. DIY panniers and Switzerland

    I have gleaned many useful bits of info from this forum in the past, so I thought I may reciprocate. A few words on DIY panniers for the TA. Frankly, new hard panniers and fitting rack are an extortionate price, so a DIY solution seems a good idea. The panniers themselves are not a real issue...

    The Longest Day
    Right time to scupper the rumours ( told mudwiz I wouldn’t write anything so sorry chris feel compelled) that seem to have been started by someone that Mudwiz and I were towed in to the hotel on the last stage of the End to End. We were in fact travelling under our own steam, though well under...
  17. Chains

    Africa Twin
    I know I will get stick for this one. :cry: But I run my Chain with a split link and have done since the last time I replaced it. The reason was that my riveting tool was not the right one for the riveted link provided, also they provided a split link with the chain kit. Taking into account...