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  1. New chain needed.

    Looks like its time to change the chain on the 700 Alp. Sprockets look ok so just the chain needed. I've not got a riveting tool so is there a chain that I can buy that uses the old split link method that is reliable? Nick.
  2. DID 525 chain flaring

    What's the best chain riveting tool available to use and which is not so costly? There are quite a few on ebay and want to know which design is best to flare the pins. Also, any idea about the proper outside diameter of the flared stakes on a DID 525?
  3. how to fix broken plastic studs on side panels

    Africa Twin
    the studs sometimes break off when removing the side panels, or if you have a fall. you can reconstruct them using expoxy putty (stuff you buy from b&q or car spares shop in a small tube, looks a bit likes swiss roll, you cut off what you need, and squash in your hand which mixes teh two parts...
  4. Helpppppppppp

    Africa Twin
    :cry: I just had the brand new chain riveter break oon me , 40 quid and rubbish. i am 3/4 through doing the job and i need a riveting tool anybody help? i know they not cheap but needs must :(
  5. Replacing chain

    Africa Twin
    is ther a way of cutting and riveting the drive chain without the proper tools :?: Dont fancy shelling out 60 quid for the tools. :violent1:
  6. New Chain & Sprocket

    Africa Twin
    I need to get a new chain and sprockets. I want to buy them from the same place. On Yen's recommendation I will get a Premium X ring chain. I think I remember Yen saying that an AT needed 90 odd links when in fact the Haynes manual says 124. So it would be good to get that one sorted if someone...
  7. Chains

    Africa Twin
    I know I will get stick for this one. :cry: But I run my Chain with a split link and have done since the last time I replaced it. The reason was that my riveting tool was not the right one for the riveted link provided, also they provided a split link with the chain kit. Taking into account...