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  1. Chain warning!

    Mechanical Advice
    I'm just going through my new to me Transalp 700, fitting a scottoiler and have discovered a major defect in the chain. PO stated chain and sprockets were about 1k old, no discerable wear on sprocket and chain could not be pulled away from the rear sprocket teeth and plenty of adjustment left, I...
  2. Rivet link, enough peening?

    Evening All I've just finished changing my chain and sprockets, I'd originally planned to use a split link as I don't have a chain tool but the one I got must have been a bad one as after 1 failed attempt to slide the clip on it lost its spring and stayed open. This means I have had to use the...
  3. For Sale: Tech 7 Alpine stars

    For Sale / Wanted
    got a pair of very good condition Alpine stars tech 7 for sale they are hardly used abd i won't be competition riding anymore so they are up for sale This is the only fault with them ans is only cosmetic not structural. My foot slipped off the kick starter and the teeth on the footpeg...
  4. Help identify worn 320mm front disc on my XR650R Supermoto

    Hi Everyone, I've just joined and am in need of help. ;) I've got a 2003 Honda XR650R and its got a 320mm front disc and a Brembo caliper. The caliper is from a Ducati Monster 800 - luckily this was written on the actual caliper in felt tip pen :p however the disc doesnt have any identifying...
  5. XR 400 R Petcock leak.

    As per the header, The original one was leaking past the valve when in the off position, which I replaced with a used one from e bay and that one has the same problem. I drilled out the rivets, and found that the diaphram had some wear on it so I turned it upside down and inside out re...
  6. removing ignition from dommie

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi all I have an old (K reg) dommie and there seems to be a loose connection in my ignition which keeps cutting off the engine. I have two real options, first replace the ignition and second is to forget the ignition entirely and fit a kill switch instead. I would prefer to go with the first...
  7. For Sale: Alpinestars Tech 7 boots

    For Sale / Wanted
    Bought these boots just over 12mths ago to replace my old ones which i had for years. I've sold my enduro bikes and they are surplus to requirements now. They have only done 4 comps and a few hours trail riding they are size 43 which i think equates to 9.5 or 10. They are very rigid and give...
  8. Anyone done home-made panniers with aluminium and rivets?

    Mechanical Advice
    I was thinking about having a bash but reckon I'd mess up welding aluminium. Has anyone done anything with sheet and angle aluminum and a load of rivets? Excuse the painfully bad drawing but this is what I mean: