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  1. Scottoiler check

    Will be buying a second hand Scottoiler from a friend. Is it possible to create a vacuum with mouth and a length of pipe to check if oil drips from the RMV as it should?
  2. Wanted: Scottoiler Reservoir Metering Valve (thats the thing that you fill up)

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    All sorted out now, I've just ordered a brand spanking new one Anyone got a spare Scottoiler RMV for sale, I've just killed mine through mounting in a clumsy manner! Willing to pay so if you've got one that you've had in a box for a while then flog it to me before I'm tempted to buy a new...
  3. Scottoiler RMV and Lube Tube Positioning on TA700.

    Hi All, Not sure if many of you TA700 riders have fitted this kit yet, but I have recently purchsed these items, now just need some advice on where to position the RMV unit and the extension 'Lube Tube'. On my previous TA...650, I positioned the RMV under the seat, but as you know on the TA700...
  4. XL700 Scottoiler RMV position

    Ello, Just wondering where people have put the RMV on their XL700's... The nice bit of frame that I zip tied it to on my 600 isn't accessible on the outside of the 700. Is there a suitable place behind one of the side panels? I've got the loob tube as well but that can go anywhere under the...
  5. Fitting Scottoiler RMV

    Any suggestions as to the best place to fit a Scottoiler RMV, other than in the under seat stowage? I've only got the Universal Kit, not the Touring Kit, so I'm guessing that fitting behind the number plate is not an option.
  6. scottoiler rmv + high capacity res

    Ok, silly question but before i start cutting the pipe to find it doesnt work i will ask Ive fitted the hight capacity res behind number plate. If the rmv is higher than the high capacity res is it still going to work? I am hoping that the hight difference wont matter as I plan to mount the...