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  1. Best Road tyres for AT

    Africa Twin
    Any advice on the best road tyres for my new rdo7a, two up touring across to Turkey this year as I have no experience of this bike, what is good in the wet and dry also what mileage could one expect to get. Thanks
  2. New member. Tyre choice help please

    Hi. I've got the XL 700 Transalp (with ABS), which I absolutely love. It's done 17k (of which I've done 10k) and ask for some tyre advise. Both tyres need renewing. The front is the original Bridgestone and the rear has lasted 10k and is the same replacement Bridgestone (as supplied from new)...
  3. For Sale: XRV750 Africa Twin

    For Sale / Wanted
    P reg. Genuine 23500 miles (with MOT's) 3 Owners I have TKC's fitted as I prefer them to road tyres,but the bike will be sold with it's original wheels that have road tyres on as shown. Usual AT casings :( Everything else is just minty :thumbup: My NX650 sold yesterday to an ABR I'll...
  4. Which road tyres for XL700?

    The Anakee 2s on my XL700 are nearing the end of their life. I've been pleased with them but, having tried the Alp offroad a couple of times I'm reconciled to not doing it any more (too heavy for my skills). As I now have no need for a dual purpose tyre, what are the best road tyres I could use?
  5. XR125 Road Tyres

    So the MT60's need replacing but I never take the bike off road at all it's a commuter for me so thought I would be better off getting road tyres, thing is everyone talks about off road tyres so I'm looking for advice on which road tyres to go for??
  6. Sold: Honda XR125, perfect learner bike

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Honda XR 125L from 2005, with spare wheels and lots of extras (heated grips, barkbusters, ciggie socket, battery monitor). Bought this thinking my son would ride it but he lost interest so it has sat in the garage, only coming out for my daughter to ride it round the car park on a Sunday. Now...
  7. XL virgin saying hello

    Hey all. This is my new old girl. I'm just learning the ropes here, I don't know much about anything yet! The last bike I had was a TY80 when I was a kid. I believe I have a 1981 XL125 with a 185 engine. I'll know more when I get the log book. I'm a bit unsure about the orange frame... I...
  8. Weird handling

    New Transalp is proving a great choice. Forgot ... as Ive only had 1 before and that was a lot of bikes ago !!!!.... Anyhows been out for a run today with Cabbage and on back roads the bike seems to flick about on surfaces that especially have tarmac lines and other imperfections. On smooth A...
  9. National 2013 Trail Ride

    National Meets
    Havent seen another thread (so if there is one please direct me to it!!!). Anyone up for a Trail ride on Saturday 7th? Ive done the Dales only once before and there are some cracking lanes. Unfortunately a lot have been closed over the years so there may be a bit of road work involved to form a...
  10. Sold: Honda 2005 (54) Varadero XL1000V

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    SOLD The second of my garage clearance A 2005 (54) plate Honda XL1000V Varadero Fuel Injected NON –ABS model with coupled brakes Taxed to April 2014 MOT to 22 September 2013 52333 miles 3 owners but almost a 1 owner bike First owner Jan 05 to April 05 1000 miles? Second owner April 05 to...
  11. Wheelchair off road tyres

    Paralympic GB wheelchair rugby ace Andy Barrow is going to Glastonbury has has just tweeted that he's had to go and buy special wheels and tyres for the trip. It made me smile anyway. A top bloke is Andy - and so's his...
  12. For Sale: Honda Transalp 700 2010 in excellent condition

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Superb Honda Transalp 700 10 Plate Ready for round the world touring has over £2500 of extras listed below; Tall honda screen Barkbuster hand guards Touratech crash bars CRD (top of the range) alloy engine protector Heated hand grips 12V cigar lighter socket Honda centre stand Genuine...
  13. eBay: 1988/1989 Dominator wheels, plastics, brakes, seat.. also have forks

    eBay - Dominator
    NX650 Wheels nx 650 21" front & 17" rear wheels Dominator supermoto road tyres | eBay also see my other items for plastics, brakes and seat davies_85 | eBay i also have forks which will be on ebay soon, send me a message through ebay if you want to make an offer on them
  14. Could this be a REAL adventure bike?

    I plead Guilty, M'lud. My "adventure" bike is pretty damn good for crossing Europe, but it's too big and too heavy for real adventure riding in the under-developed world. The locals there ride their little 125s (and smaller) with road tyres through cloying mud, rivers and all the rest, maybe...
  15. michelin desert speed wobble!?

    Africa Twin
    being back home and of the long road for bit, i removed my MITAS E07's and put a set of michelin deserts on for more offroad work around home. yesterday i took her for a run on one of our salt roads (very similar surface as tarmac), and on hitting around 155kmph i got a serious wobble that...
  16. New member saying hi....

    Africa Twin
    .... to you all :thumbup: If this in the wrong place please feel free to move it to the right slot. First I'd like to say what a great forum it is, have in the past few months used it as a great source of information foe A. Wising up on the Africa Twin for purchase purposes and B...
  17. Africa twin 2000 with 3000mile on the clock

    What's it worth?
    Would like to know what its worth it is 2 owners including me so I am the second owner. Originally owned by guy who didn't care about it and changed it to a supermoto type bike. At this stage it was left in his garage for years and that's when I bought it and changed it to what it is today. It...
  18. Off Road Tyre Help

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    Looking getting pair of off road tyres if i manage pick up a 2nd set wheel. Looking at the Mitas E09 tyres. What the difference between the E09 and the E09 Dakar? Also anyone know another tyre for 70% offroad use? i have K60 scouts i ill use for road riding and gravel roads but want have set...
  19. Problems fitting rear wheel after bearing change

    Sorry guys but need some help....again! I changed the wheel bearings on my xr400 and at the same time cleaned out the rear caliper (piston was pretty much seized). Anyway gone to fit rear wheel and am having issues getting spindle through caliper hanger and swingingarm slot. It's almost as if...
  20. advice on tyres

    Africa Twin
    hello ladies and gents I am after advice on tyres please, I have bought an rd04 and the guy i bought it from has done lots to it then run out of money hence I got the bike for my first bike after passing my test, It has continental twinduro tyres that are brand new, I have a spare set of road...