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  1. Scrambler Build

    Dominator / FMX
    So here's my build to throw into the pot. Are there any original dominators left?! :p Wanted to go down the scrambler route rather than the street tracker look, as wanted it to be able to cope with some off roading. Have therefore made up a tray in the subframe which will house most of the...
  2. CRF 1000 - another cracked rear rack

    Africa Twin
    This one belongs to my friend. Max weight is 22lbs on that rack (so says the sticker). He had 17lbs of "survial tools and equipement". He went for medium off-roading. Nothing hard. Did a small jump over a ridge and... crack !!! Would you bring less for a day of off-roading ?
  3. Greenlaning

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Hi all hope you are well. I am looking to make new pals for greenlaning I can ride ok but am a bit green at off roading. Pardon the pun. Like a few beers and a laugh I live in Warwickshire near to junc 2 of M6. I've been riding bikes since I was 8 I have a gas gas 250 pampera and a txt 270...
  4. eBay: Africa Twin Wheels for offroading

    eBay - Africa Twin
    If anyone braver than me wants to venture off road, I am selling a set of wheels (complete) These came with my AT but never likely to see the light of day again. Complete with Discs (bit of surface rust, Sprocket carrier and sprocket) Tyres are ok, but if your serious about off roading, would...
  5. WANTED: LH Radiator rd07a

    Africa Twin
    Hello! I'm looking for a new/old radiator for my africa twin, unfortunately i cracked mine in some off-roading action (some goon took us down a lane and it progressed into 1-2ft ruts resulting in a bash and coolant going everywhere :( ) if anyone knows of any going that are in good shape id be...
  6. bought a crf250l

    CRF - New Forum!
    Well quite a change for me. I used to be a member on here a few years back when I had my transalp but since have owned a few GS's. Well ive just traded my bmw sertao in for a crf250l so quite a change in direction. We mainly just do off roading now and so I feel quite positive about the move. I...
  7. tyres again for Norway trip

    Hi folks Who knows very roughly how long i could expect to get from a set of tkc 80,s on my TA 650 used mostly on road but odd bits of soft roading?
  8. Wilbers Monoshock.

    Dominator / FMX
    I am thinking of buying a Wilbers monoshock for my flattracker project . Have any of you chaps used one on a dommie and are they worth the expense? They have two types for the RD02. The eco-line 540 and the 640 which is about £60 more expensive. Is it worth paying the extra just to have the...
  9. October 21st for 2 weeks anyone going on a trip?

    October 21st for 2 weeks anyone going on a trip? Cant seem to find anything on to travel too and the trips seems to come to end this time of year. I have two weeks off in Oct and thinking of going on a bike trip for some of the time. Camping and mainly A/B roads (not off roading) and wondered if...
  10. Lowering foot pegs on an NX650

    Dominator / FMX
    I'm trying desperately to lower the footpegs on my 1995 RD08 NX650 Dominator. I feel like my knees are under my teeth! ;) The closest thing I've found are Chinese XR650 fotpegs. Can anyone tell me if they will bolt in place of the stock pegs? They look like the pegs wil be lowered by a couple...
  11. Trail riding on a GSXR 1000

    A friend pointed me in the direction of this - I think you'll enjoy this. Baron von Nightmare - GSXR Off Roading... - YouTube It certainly appealed to me after my weekend attempt, I'm glad I saw it afterwards
  12. love vs love of....

    Bugger... had an intersesting call from a friend of a friend of a friend today. Hey foz, are you interested in taking/guiding tourists on/off roading on motorbikes around Tuscany this summer for afew months. Bugger... My lady called rang an hour later, hey foz they accepted an offer on the...
  13. For Sale: Suzuki DRZ 400 2003

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    I'm a boxer boy, what can I say! Trying for a quick sale, so here we go. Just done the tappets and fitted three new shims. 11,000 miles. Not probably going to do any off roading here. So how about £1500. No offers unless you want to swap for a boxer!! PM me if interested. I'm looking at a couple...
  14. First time off roading the DR

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Me and Hudders decided to meet up at Jellys with the DR's and explorer some of the lanes the Peak District have to offer Once we had had our fill of Julies epic breakfast we set about the task in hand. I was more than a little nervous, partly due to my lack of off road ability and partly due to...
  15. Baron Von Grumble

    Gsxr 1000 off road :D Baron von Nightmare - GSXR Off Roading... - YouTube Part 1 GSXR Off Road damage update - YouTube Part 2
  16. Gearing

    Africa Twin
    Hi there Boy's N Girls, Whats ya thoughts on gearing for the RD04, I havent looked at what my combo is at the mo but would like your thoughts and advice. My bike is doing 4k rpm at 60mph I think its reving too high. I know it depends on what your doing with the...
  17. Trails by Amy

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Hi, me and Daddy went on the motorbike today. Daddy didnt let me go on until we got to the service station. Then I got on the motorbike and we had fun. We went off roading. But Daddy let me ride. We had a great time. Here are some photos of me on the bike. I want a bike. Amy (age 8)
  18. Tails from the trails, by an 8 year old

    My 8 year old daughter wanted to do a write up on a recent trail ride we here it is. On the weekend me and my daddy went on the motorbike. We went off roading and at the beginning we went through a big muddy patch. And on the path there was a massive puddle that we went through. We...
  19. Honda xlr 125

    Other Honda
    Hi I have recently bought a honda xlr 125 unknown to me that it was a road bike with all the bits taken off will it be ok as a off roading bike and will it be diffecelt to buy parts for. Which section is it best to discuss this bike in. Thanks
  20. Off roading

    Hi all Just bought a DR 250 and intend to get as dirty as poss in SW FR but have a question or two to ask having not offroaded for over 20 years 1 I need a puncture /Tyre lever kit..........any ideas?? 2 Where's the best place to buy pairs of tyres ??? 3 What else should i carry ?? 4 And...